Trumpet Mushroom Types and Their Benefits

King trumpet mushrooms are the largest of the oyster mushroom family, noted by their thick white stems and golden brown caps that are somewhat flat

Black trumpet mushrooms have a dark, trumpet-shaped fruiting body, found in deciduous forests

Types of trumpet mushrooms

Black trumpet mushroom

This species has a yellow to orange trumpet-shaped cap with a hollow stem, commonly found in coniferous forests

Golden trumpet mushroom

Also known as king oyster mushroom, this species has a thick, meaty stem and a small, brownish cap

King trumpet mushroom

Nutrient-rich and low-calorie, it's packed with B vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, and selenium. Plus, it's high in fiber and protein

Nutritional profile

* Boosting the immune system * Supports cardiovascular health * Provides antioxidant effects

Health Benefits

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