Types of honey bee species in India 

In India, explore five unique honey bee species, each with distinct traits and habitats, contributing to the rich biodiversity of the country.

Apis dorsata (Giant Honey Bee)

Apis dorsata, also known as the giant honey bee, is found in forested areas and can build large, exposed combs on tree branches and cliffs.

Apis cerana (Asian Honey Bee)

Apis cerana, commonly known as the Asian honey bee, is smaller than the giant honey bee and nests in cavities. It is known for its adaptability to various climates.

Apis florea (Dwarf Honey Bee)

The dwarf honey bee, Apis florea, constructs small, single combs in shrubs and trees. They are more common in the plains and semi-arid regions.

Apis mellifera (European Honey Bee)

Apis mellifera, or the European honey bee, is introduced and widely cultivated for commercial honey production due to its high yield and manageable nature.

Apis andreniformis (Black Dwarf Honey Bee)

The black dwarf honey bee, Apis andreniformis, is found in tropical regions. It resembles Apis florea but is darker.

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