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Xymo Max Spread: The Super Spreader for Effective Spray Application

Welcome to the world of Xymo Max Spread, a super spreader that is key to abundant harvest and healthy crops. It's an organic silicon that has been precisely created to improve the effectiveness of every spray solution and soil application, making it more than just a spreader.

All About Organic Nutrient Management with Merlyn Nutrex

With its novel approach to organic nutrition management, Merlyn Nutrex stands out as a force for change that has the potential to completely alter the way we farm crops. 

Xymo Biotoniq AG: A Symphony of Growth and Vitality to Improve Crop Nutrition

Discover Xymo Biotoniq AG, a nutritional powerhouse that will revolutionize the way you tend to your crops. This special combination of minerals and amino acids, offered in liquid and powder form, is more than simply a fertilizer for your plants; it's a symphony of growth and vitality.

Xymo Biofert is your Partner for Soil Fertility and Better Growth

Here’s a presenting XYMO BIOFERT, the organic soil conditioner and growth booster that every farm needs to have to condition the soil and improve its fertility. 

Organic Control Measures to Manage Wilt Disease in Tomato

If your tomato plants are yellow and wilt on one side of the plant or one side of a leaf, they may have Fusarium wilt. This disease is caused by a soil-borne fungus called Fusarium oxysporum sp. lycopersici, which...

Organic Control Measures to Manage Aphids in Tomato

Aphid is a pest that affects over 400 kinds of plants worldwide and has a significant economic damage to tomato crops. This aphid damages plants directly by feeding on their phloem, sucking sap from leaves and hampering photosynthesis or...

Organic Control Measures to Manage Thrips in Tomato

Thrips is one of the most serious insect pests of tomato crops, which cause enormous economic losses, both directly and indirectly. On an average it causes 60% of yield loss along with the market value. Thrips are a biological...

Organic Control Measures to Manage White Flies in Tomato

Tomato production is seriously threatened by the tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV), which is spread by whiteflies around the world. In Karnataka it is first time reported at Kolar district, where population has increased 1000 fold that directly...

Organic Control Measures to Manage Fruit Borer in Tomato Crop

Tomato fruit borer, also known as Helicoverpa armigera, is a major pest problem of tomato cultivation in India and other parts of the world. It originated from Africa and spread to other continents through trade and migration. It is...

Pests Management in Banana Crop using UAL Organic Based Product

Bananas are an essential food source for many countries and the most cultivated soft fruit in warm regions of the world. However, banana plants face various insect threats that reduce their productivity. Farmers use insecticides to control these pests,...

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