Tapas Pahalwaan Sprayer Unboxing | Tapas Pahalwaan-101 Single Motor Batter Sprayer – 12×8

The Tapas Battery sprayer is a versatile tool that can be used for agricultural purposes, sanitization, chemical applications, farming, gardening, and more. This efficient battery sprayer is designed for crop protection and fertilizer application, featuring a 12-volt 12-ampere double motor. It can be fully charged in just 5-6 hours and provides enough power to use the 20-litre tank approximately 15-20 times.

Unboxing Neptune Battery-operated Knapsack Garden Sprayer

The Neptune BS 13 battery-operated knapsack sprayer comes with a 16 L capacity tank made of polyethene plastic. It can stay longer with no corrosion from the solvents used inside.

Unboxing Neptune Knapsack Battery Operated Garden Sprayer BS 12: The most widely used sprayer

The Neptune Knapsack garden sprayer BS 12 is battery-operated for convenient spraying. It is a premium quality product, certified to be used for spraying pesticides in various fields of farming.

Tapas Battery Sprayer 20 L, with double motor | Unboxing

Tapas sprayer is a battery-operated equipment with a capacity of 20 litres. It is operated via a double-motor system. The motor works at 12V and contains 12 AH capacity.

Unboxing the most efficient and versatile sprayer: Farmoguard Knapsack Manual Sprayer

The Knapsack Manual SPrayer is a back sprayer used for pest control fertilization, general cleaning, etc. It is suitable for agriculture, plantations, home, garden, etc. It has an easy-to-carry shoulder strap and a convenient hose with suitable accessories.

The unboxing of Neptune Battery Operated Knapsack Garden Sprayer (BS 13 PLUS)

The Neptune BS 13 Plus is a double battery-operated knapsack garden sprayer. It can provide a mist spray or a continuous spray setting. This equipment is ideal for spraying insecticides to protect the crop in any field.