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Geolife Bactogang 24: Boost Soil Fertility and Crop Growth with Microbial Power

Are you having trouble getting your crop to completely flourish, perhaps because your soil is deficient in certain nutrients? 

It’s time to stop worrying. Introducing Bactogang 24
Bactogang-Gang 24 of Bacteria isn’t just a typical microbial biofertilizer; it is a unique product meticulously crafted with a team of 24 helpful microorganisms. This ground-breaking product plays a major part in enhancing the soil’s overall fertility by rejuvenating and improving the soil’s nutritional quality. 


A distinct combination of  

  • Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria,  
  • Phosphate Dissolving Bacteria, and  
  • Potassium Dissolving Bacteria.  
  • Other Beneficial  micronutrient 

It uses microbial extracts and live microbe partnerships and provide unique solution that promotes all-around crop development. With its three kinds of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Bactogang is made to improve the soil’s nutrient profile and support the general development and well-being of your crops. 

Mode of Action

The process of Bactogang involves the breakdown, fixation, and mobilization of insoluble N, P, and K into forms of nutrients that are readily available. By successfully fixing and making essential nutrients available for plant uptake, this process improves soil fertility. 


  • Improved Nutrition Availability: Bactogang makes key nutrients more readily available, giving plants the resources they require for strong, healthy growth. 
  • Better Soil Structure: The use of Bactogang improves the overall quality of the soil for plant growth by helping to improve the soil’s structure. 
  • Enhanced Organic Matter Content: By adding more organic matter to the soil, this biofertilizer makes the soil more nutrient-rich and productive. 
  • Balanced Microbial Population: By assisting in the preservation of a healthy microbial population in the soil, Bactogang fosters the development of a favorable environment for plant growth. 
  • Strong Microbial Species & Enhanced Soil Fertility: Bactogang’s strong microbial species offer a favorable environment for plant nutrition and development by enhancing soil fertility. 
  • Illness Suppression & Reduced Chemical Dependency: Bactogang contributes to the prevention of illness and lessens dependence on chemical inputs, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices. 

Crops compatibility

Bactogang can be used in all crops (vegetables, flowers, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices). 


Apply 500 ml / acre for 200 litres of water. 


  • Apply Bactogang by soaking the soil surrounding the roots of the plant to make sure it comes into direct touch with the root zone. 
  • Drip Irrigation/Drecnhcing: To ensure effective distribution to the plant roots, dissolve Bactogang in water and apply through drip irrigation or drenching near root zone. 
  • Broadcasting: combine Bactogang with organic manure to maximize soil fertility by utilizing the combined advantages of both. 
  • To enhance its benefits and advance overall soil health, mix Bactogang with Jivamruta. 


Bactogang should not be used with pesticides since it includes live bacteria, and pesticides may harm these beneficial microorganisms. But it works well with Jivamruta, sand, and organic manure. By combining Bactogang with these substances, you can increase its effectiveness and improve the overall fertility and health of your soil. 

Storage & Disposal

Avoid storing or disposing of anything that could contaminate food, water, or feed.  

STORAGE: Keep out of direct sunlight and keep cold. Broken container spills can be cleaned up by soaking them on clay or another appropriate absorbent material.


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