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Geolife Carbon-Stone: Enhance Soil Carbon, Nutrient Availability, and Crop Growth

Are you experiencing soil organic carbon depletion as a result of farming practices, which could lead to nutrient deficiencies in your plants?

The solution is here! Introducing Carbon-Stone. A product that resembles a stone and is made of activated carbon, produced using an approved method of microbial extraction. By lowering soil organic carbon caused by farming techniques, it assists in supplying the right amount of carbon to the rhizosphere. Rhizosphere microorganisms require activated carbon to develop, as it helps with nutrient insoluble forms.

How Carbon-Stone works?

  • Microbial Support: By promoting the development of a range of microscopic organisms in the soil surrounding plant roots, Carbon-Stone helps provide plants the nutrients they require to grow.
  • Soil Improvement: It improves the clumping and structuring of soil particles, which increases the soil’s capacity to retain water. This enhances the soil’s ability to hold and utilize water.
  • Drought Protection: Carbon-Stone improves the soil’s ability to retain water by increasing the quantity of organic carbon in the soil surrounding roots. This reduces the possibility of dryness.
  • Nutrient Boost: By modifying the rhizosphere’s Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), Carbon-Stone increases the amount of nutrients that are available to plants. Thus, the plants will have an easier time obtaining the nutrients they require.
  • pH Stability in Acidic Soil: It balances the soil’s pH, maintaining it constant. In order to continuously offer an atmosphere that is suitable to plant growth, this is important.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Carbon-Stone immediately contributes to higher crop productivity and output through improved soil structure, improved nutrient availability, and enhanced water retention. 

Benefits of Carbon Stone

By improving air circulation, nutrient availability, and water-holding capacity for better plant growth, Carbon-Stone 

  • Raises the fertility of rhizospheric soil.  
  • It helps increase soil biological activity, reduce climate change, and retain carbon. 
  • A higher percentage of organic carbon increases resistance to drought, encourages environmentally responsible farming, and lessens the need for synthetic fertilizers. 
  • Additionally, it lowers greenhouse gas emissions and increases irrigation efficiency. 
  •  Testimonials show increased crop quality, yields, and tolerance to challenges. 


Carbon-Stone is suitable for all crops, including decorative plants, fruits, and vegetables.


Apply 1-2 Kg /acre.

Application details  

How to use Carbon Stone: 

  • Broadcasting: You can apply Carbon-Stone uniformly throughout the planting area and combine it with other fertilizers at the same time. 
  • Drenching: Dissolve Carbon-Stone with a sufficient amount of water, and then apply or pour it near the plant roots.
    Drenching: Dissolve in an ample quantity of water and apply near the root zone.  Repeated 
  • Drip Irrigation: Use Carbon-Stone with a drip irrigation system after dissolving it in enough water to reach the plant roots. 

Carbon-Stone is compatible with all Agrochemicals

Direction for Use

The quantity of Carbon-Stone that you use will vary depending on a number of factors, including the kind of soil, weather, plants’ needs, and application technique. Find out which remedies from this label are most effective in your area by consulting the specialists at your State Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension Specialists. When plants don’t have enough water, don’t use this product. 

Storage and Disposal

Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. 

STORAGE: Keep out of direct sunlight and keep in a dry, cool place. Broken container spills can be cleaned up by soaking them on clay or other appropriate absorbent material.


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