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Symptoms of Diseases and Insect-pests of Carrot: their preventive and Control Measures

Orange and red coloured carrots are everyone’s favourite because of their vibrant colour and sweet taste. The only hindrance to high-yielding carrot plants is damage caused by pests and diseases. Management of these diseases require preventive and control measures. 

Let’s examine the article and discuss several diseases and pests with their preventive and control measures.

Table of Contents

Introduction to diseases in the Carrot plant

Alternaria leaf blight

Cercospora leaf blight

Downy mildew

Bacterial leaf blight

Cavity spot

Introduction to pests in Carrot plant


Carrot rust flies

Carrot weevil

Root-knot nematodes


  1. What are the symptoms of Damping-off?
  2. What is the prevention for flea beetles?

Introduction to diseases in the Carrot plant

  • Alternaria leaf blight

– The leaves of carrot plants will turn brown-green watery lesions which spread quickly and turn into yellow leaves. It kills the carrot plant in the shortest time. 

– Prevention is keeping the warm conditions, and spraying fungicide in the early stage of the disease.

carrot plant
carrot plant
  • Cercospora leaf blight

– Appearance of petty, necrotic flecks in leaves which later turn into blown big patches. The lesions twist, curl and kill the carrot plant. Early-age seedlings get the majority of diseases.

– Prevention is crop rotation, seeds free from pathogens, and a regular spray of fungicides.

  • Downy mildew

– The leaves appear to develop a white fluffy texture along with huge yellow spots. Lesions mature fast on the leaves, and this disease is encouraged by foliage.

Use pathogen-free seeds. Avoid planting too close and maintain uniform spacing.  

  • Bacterial leaf blight 

– Angular, small, and pale spots change shapes frequently with the watery lesions. Yellow halo and brittles, which damage the flowers, also appear. Poor care and sanitization make a home for disease.

– Assess the condition of the carrot plant and use bactericides and avoid the sprinkle irrigation method as prevention.

  • Cavity spot

– Symptoms occur in leaves plus roots such as elliptical, grey, and sunken lesions around the roots. It causes cracks and discolouration in the roots. Soggy and wet soil encourages the disease.

– Select the field with a clean history of disease and pests in the soil for carrot plantation. Over-irrigation and fertiliser can ruin the carrot crop.

Introduction to pests in Carrot plant

carrot plant
Carrot farming
  • Aphids

-The green & yellow colour insects hide inside stems and leaves and slowly distort the leaves, developing yellow patches and little shoots.

– Check the plants before transplanting; they must be free from Aphids. Use canola oil or neem oil that works best against aphids.

  • Carrot rust flies

– Appearance of tunnels on the taproots is the first symptom of Carrot rust flies. They fill the tunnels with rust and damage the carrot crop from the roots.

– For prevention, start harvesting carrot plants in blocks, and don’t forget to cover to prevent them from laying eggs.

  • Carrot weevil

-Black gloves and yellow leaves are the symptoms of this pest. The dark shade beetle and C-shaped white grubs are larvae that destroy carrot cultivation.

– As prevention, encourage crop rotation and manage sanitation 

  • Root-knot nematodes

-Cracks, distorted and forked taproots are an early symptom of nematodes, reducing the yield by 40%.

-For prevention, the soil must be solarised before planting the carrot crop.


Q1. What are the symptoms of Damping-off?

– If the seed is not germinating or rotting or the texture of the seeds is soft, then it’s time to take preventive measures. Fungi encourage the spread of disease. The disease can be prevented by keeping the soil warm and not wet or cool.

Q2. What is the prevention for flea beetles?

– The usage of a floating row helps create a shield around the young seedling.

– Early-stage plantation of carrot seeds keeps common diseases away from carrot farms.

– Garlic oil, organic matter, and neem powder or oil have a stinky smell which successfully keeps the pests out of the carrot crop.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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