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Post Harvest Disease Management In Mango

As you enjoy a bountiful mango harvest from your farm and eagerly anticipate the summer profits, there’s a crucial matter that demands your immediate...

Management Of Aphids In Cotton 

As you walk through your cotton fields, have you noticed small pests feasting on your cotton crops, sapping their vitality and hindering their growth?...

Integrated Management Strategies For American Bollworm In Cotton Crops 

Are you concerned about the impact of American bollworm on your valuable cotton crops? Uncover vital information and proven strategies to combat this persistent...

Soft Rot Threat: Protecting Ginger From Destruction

Did you know that ginger is a highly demanded spice crop, with India alone producing around 2.12 million metric tons in 2022?  However, diseases like...

Defeating Gummy Stem Blight: Strategies For Cucurbit Growers

“Chlorosis of leaf margins, wilting, oozing of gum, cracking of fruits” - Are you seeing these signs in your cucurbits farm?  If yes, it's high...

Turmeric: Planting And Package Of Practices

Did you know that during the year 2022, the volume of turmeric production in India reached an astonishing 1.33 million metric tons?   This remarkable achievement...