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Management Of Ragged Stunt Virus In Paddy

Ragged stunt virus affecting rice crops is seen mainly in tropical areas where the cultivation is throughout the year. It can affect the plants right from the seedling stage and grow with the plants.

Symptoms of Ragged Stunt Virus

The main symptom is the green leaves with spiky or rough edges. The leaves turn yellow, or yellowish brown close to the bottom. They also show spiralling, especially the leaves close to the base. The upper part of the plant still grows branches from the joints which is unusual. These affected plants fail to develop panicles.

Preventive Measures

  • Cultivate resistant varieties that can resist BPH – Brown Plant Hopper that will reduce the virus spreading.
  • Practice synchronised planting methods to reduce spreading.
  • Infected plants must be ploughed into the soil to reduce the spreading.

Some effective chemicals to control Ragged Stunt Virus in Paddy

Note: As the virus is spread by brown plant hopper, spraying the below insecticides will control the spread of the virus in the field.

  • Katyayani BPH Super Insecticide works on the nervous system of the insects and thereby controlling the virus spreading. The Pymetrozine 50% WG works on eliminating the vectors. All it takes is 120 gm for an acre of land or 0.6 gm per litre of water.
  • Lancer Gold Insecticide is a combination of two different insecticides working differently. The main constituents are Acephate 50% and Imidacloprid 1.8% SP. These are easy to dissolve in water and get absorbed by the plants via roots and leaves. The recommended dosage of this insecticide is 400 grams per acre or 2 gm per litre of water.
  • Odis Insecticide is also an effective control measure for BPH vectors. It contains Buprofezin 20% + Acephate 50% WP. It affects the nervous system of the insects, preventing nerve communication. The insects will no longer be able to shed their skin. Use 400 gm of the insecticide for an acre or 2 gm per litre of water.
  • Predator Insecticide is a premixed formula that is highly effective against insects. The main content of this insecticide is Chloropyriphos 50% EC. It can be a poison for the vectors by touch or by eating it. It also creates a fumigating effect after application. Use 300 – 320 ml of the product for 1 acre field or mix 1.5 ml in one litre of water and apply.


Each of these insecticides must be used at different dilution levels to be most effective. This must be done along with proper preventive measures and the usage of resistant varieties of rice.


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