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Early Detection and Management of Papaya Ring Spot Virus

Papaya Ring spot Virus is one of the most destructive infections which is mainly spread by mechanical activities through the sap.

Papaya Ring Spot Virus Symptoms

The greenish mosaic pattern on leaves can also be distorted with reduced leaf area. Fruits and flowers may drop. Patches appear on the fruits as well with some bumps on them due to nutrient deficiency. The characteristic ring spots are seen on the fruits.

Preventive Measures

The most effective preventive measure is vector control using insecticides and micronutrient sprays. Spreading plastic silver-coloured mulch is another way of their management. Water-soaked oil patches appear on petioles. Using resistant or clean seedlings is another ideal option for prevention.

Papaya Ring Spot Virus Chemical Control

  • Prokissan – Micronutrient Mixture is a nutrient mix that contains chelated forms of copper, zinc, manganese, and iron. It also has non-chelated forms of boron and molybdenum. They help the crops rectify their deficiency symptoms, reduce environmental stress and thereby improve the overall yield and quality of the crops. It is suitable for all crops and is diluted at 1 gm in one litre of water. Spray at 25-30 days after transplantation, and 20 days after the first and second sprays.
  • P4H V Guard- Bio Virucide is a natural formulation with extracts from Lantana, Boerhaavia, Acorus, and Bougainvillea, which have anti-viral properties. This liquid formulation should be diluted at 4 ml in one litre of water and at least 2 sprays at an interval of 6-8 days in between.
  • Geolife No virus – Bio Viricide: This is another bioproduct with plant extracts that act against the virus. It can protect plants and also improve their natural resistance against infections. It contains a combination of herbal extracts that has an immediate effect on the virus and is safe for plants. With proper usage, it can help improve crop quality and yield. They have stomatal entry into the plants and open the blocked vascular tissues and nullify the viral effects. It can be effective for 15 days from application. Dilute this formula at 3-5 ml in one litre of water and spray on the plants.

List of Viricides to control Papaya Ring Spot Virus

Sl.No Viricides Dosage per litre of water
1 Kaybee Viro Raze Bio Viricide 1-2ml/lit
2 Katyayani Anti Virus 3-5ml/lit
3 Vedagna Viru 2.5g/lit
4 Susthira Virtue 1ml/lit
5 V-Bind Bio Viricide 2-3ml/lit


Antiviral sprays can be used as a preventive and curative measure. For curative measure, it should be sprayed at an interval of 4 days for the first two sprays and later for a gap of 10-15 days. Adding proper micronutrients to the plant is also essential.

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Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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