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Easy ways to get rid of TOSPO virus (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus)

One of the most common diseases of tomato crops in our country, spotted wilt, is caused by Tospovirus. It can affect the various parts of the plant and each part could show a different symptom as well. They can affect the growth of the plant, damage the produce or could be fatal as well.

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Symptoms

Tomato spotted wilt virus or Tospovirus infections on tomato leaves will cause them to look pale yellow or brownish with fungal spots and smaller in size. The fruits formed will be discoloured with yellow rings and differently shaped as well. All of these could lead to a huge loss for the farmers as it can affect the market price of the produce.

Preventive Measures and Chemical Control

  • Using the Perfekt Herbal Crop Health Enhancer is an excellent way to prevent infection of Tospovirus in tomato plants. This is a pro-curative early disease control product made from various medicinal plant extracts. It prevents infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc and can also resist infestation by insects and pests. This integrated nutrition for plants is completely safe for the environment. Mix 1 ml of this liquid in one litre of water and spray it on the plants.
  • Vanproz V-Bind Viricide is a mix of natural plant extracts that can be curative and preventive against various viral infections in plants. It is made of just plant extracts and essential oils. The active ingredients in this formula enter the affected plants and encapsulate the microbes and eliminate them. It can also undo the damage caused by the viruses inside the plant. Dilute 2-3 ml of the mix in one litre of water.
  • Multiplex Magnum Mn contains the necessary form of manganese for the pants. It contains 12% manganese in its chelated forms that are readily available for plants. This nutrient helps translocate other nutrient ions. This is available in powdered form. Mix 0.5 g in one litre of water and spray it all on the leaves, both on the upper and lower surfaces.
  • Multiplex Kranti Micronutrient Fertilizer is a complete plant food filled with primary, secondary and micronutrients to boost its immunity and promote growth. It makes the plants resistant to viral infections and combat environmental stress.


You need to use these products one after the other week for a few weeks to see remarkable differences. We hope that this information will be helpful for you. To get all kinds of information related crops visit our website  https://kisanvedika.bighaat.com/ or give a missed call on our toll free number 1800 3000 2434.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.


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