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Geolife No-Virus: Organic Viricide for Effective Crop Virus Protection and Health

Do you ever find it difficult to keep your crops safe from viruses? Many farmers experience it. Your harvest drops as a result and you suffer significant financial loss. Numerous illnesses that could ruin your crops are constantly a threat to your fields. Additionally, some traditional approaches use toxic substances that might damage the ecosystem by remaining on your crops.  

But worry no more! Introducing No-Virus, an innovative organic viricide. It uses the strength of naturally occurring substances such as terpenoids, alkaloids, tannins, polyphenols, and peptides, No-Virus offers a strong defence against a wide range of viruses that affect crops. 

How does it work?

No-Virus acts as a protective barrier for plants against dangerous viruses. It functions in 5 key ways: 

  • No-Virus prevents virus admission by erecting an obstacle that prevents the viruses from attaching. 
  • After the virus is stopped, No-Virus messes with the virus’s outer layer and the plant cell surface. It’s like disrupting the virus’s plans. 
  • No-Virus stops viruses from multiplying inside of cells, which is how viruses generally spread. No Virus obstructs the production of proteins in the cell, which is necessary for the virus to multiply. 
  • Antioxidants are incorporated by No-Virus to help plants in fighting off the danger. Similar to giving your crops an extra layer of security. 
  • No-Virus keeps viruses from adhering to cells, even at the earliest phases of an infection. It’s like containing the virus before it spreads and causes more issues. 

So how does it benefit you? 

Not only does it provide you an efficient management and prevention of viruses, it 

  • Increases a plant’s resistance to infection and its immunity. 
  • Is harmless to the environment and leaves no chemical residues in the soil or on crops. 
  • Is efficient against viruses that cause mottle, leaf curl, and mosaic. 

Dosage and Application

  • Use 3 ml of No-Virus per liter of water. It’s like providing the plants with an early defence against possible diseases. 
  • Use the same amount of No-Virus every fifteen days. Consider it as further strengthening the shield to ensure its continued strength. 
  • Apply this preventive measure three times minimum. 
  • In case your crop is already affected, Mix 3 to 5ml of No-Virus in 1 liter of water. 
  • Apply on the leaves along with an insecticide to control the bugs that spread the disease. 
  • Also, add nutrients to help the plant grow better. 

Second Application (4-5 Days Later)

Repeat the No-Virus application, but this time, use it with a bio stimulant like Vigore from Geolife. 

Repeat Applications

  • Keep applying No-Virus every 10-15 days along with insecticide or bio stimulant, based on the plant’s needs.  
  • No-Virus is compatible with all Agrochemicals.  

Direction for Use 

Use the product amount based on the severity of the problem, the condition of the soil, the climate, and the application method. Always consult with locals who are knowledgeable. Remember NOT to use the product on plants in dry conditions.

Storage Information and Caution

  • keep the product away from water, food, and animal feed. 
  • It should be kept cool and out of the sun. Store it somewhere dry and cool. 
  • To protect the environment if the container breaks, wipe up spills using clay or another appropriate absorbent. 
  • And most importantly, ensure that it is out of reach of children.  

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