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Organic Control Measures to Manage Early blight in Tomato Crop

Fungal leaf blight called early blight often infects tomato plants. This disease can reduce the annual income from tomato crops by up to 79% in some cases. Early blight also attacks other plants in the tomato family, such as potatoes. It thrives in humid, warm, and dense tomato gardens. It quickly spreads and affects the most vulnerable plants first.

  • Type of Infestation: Disease
  • Common NameEarly Blight
  • Scientific Name: Alternaria solani 
  • Category of Plant Disease: Fungal disease
  • Mode of Spreading: soil and decomposing plant debris. The spores spread primarily by wind and splashing water.  
  • Most Affected Plant Part: Leaves and fruit
  • Most Affected States in India:  South indian states ( Severity in Telangana state)

Environmental Factors Favorable for disease/pest development

  1. Temperature: Sporulation is optimal at 15–28 °C 
  2. Relative Humidity: Highest sporulation is noticed at 85 – 90 % of relative humidity.


  1. Initial Symptoms: Leaf spots show first on the lowest, oldest leaves and advance toward the top. Affected plant leaves develop circular to angular dark brown lesions 0.12 to 0.16 inch (3–4 mm) in diameter. Concentric rings often form in lesions.
  2. Severe Symptoms: Severely infected leaves turn yellow and drop. Infected tubers show a brown, corky dry rot symptoms. Affected fruit show cracks and sunken spots near the stem are visible.

Biological Control Measures for Early blight in Tomato


Prophylactic Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of sprays Spray intervals Method of application
Xymo BLT100 + Zymo Max Spread  2 gm+0.10 ml 1-2 3 -5 weeks Foliar spray


Curative Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of treatment Spray intervals Method of application
Xymo BLT100 +Zymo Bioguard WLT6040 + Xymo Biologique  2 gm+ 1 gm + 2 -3 gm  2 -3 5 -7 days Foliar spray

Product Details

  • Xymo BLT100 : This is available in powder form and it contains NON-GMO biologicals, lysing biocatalysts, stabilizers and bioenhancers. This is a broad spectrum bio-agents, which is recommended for Early blight and Late blight.
  • Xymo Max Spread: This is available in liquid form, which is helpful for uniform spreading of biopesticide on sprayed areas. This can be used for all crops. It breaks down the surface tension of water and increases the wetting and spreading of a spray solution.
  • Zymo Bioguard WLT6040: The product is available in powder form and it contains NON-GMO Biologicals, Proteolytic Biocatalysts, Stabilizers, Bioenhancers. It increases Soil Microbial Activity, proliferates good soil aerobic microbes in the root zone with adequate nutrients & denies food for anaerobic pathogens and finally induces SAR.  

For more details on the product, please visit page: Diseases Management in Tomato Crop using UAL Organic Based Products’

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