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Organic Control Measures to Manage Powdery Mildew in Tomato Crop

Tomato powdery mildew is a common fungal disease that affects tomato plants, especially in greenhouses and high tunnels. It reduces the photosynthetic activity and yield of the plants and that causes 10 to 90 percent yield losses in tomatoes. The disease is caused by different species of fungi, such as Oidium neolycopersicum, Leveillula taurica, and Erysiphe orontii. The disease was first reported in France in the 1840s, and later spread to other regions of the world. 

  • Type of Infestation: Disease
  • Common NamePowdery mildew
  • Scientific Name: Leveillula taurica / Oidiopsis neolycopersici 
  • Category of Plant Disease: Fungal disease
  • Mode of Spread: Spores are easily dislodged from the infected leaves and carried long distances by wind and air currents
  • Most Affected Plant Part: Leaf

Environmental Factors Favorable for disease/pest development

  1. Temperature: Optimum temperature between the 60 to 80 °C range.
  2. Relative Humidity: optimum RH for disease development is above 90% 

Most Affected States in India

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and West Bengal


  1. Initial Symptoms: Leaves of infected tomato plants show irregular, bright yellow blotches. Abundant white sporulation is seen on the upper surface of leaf and chlorotic spots on the corresponding lower surface. 
  2. Severe Symptoms: Severe disease leads  leaves to die, resulting in sunburn damage on fruit, reduced soluble solids, and weakened plants. Premature defoliation of leaves and complete death of plants at severe stage.

Biological Control Measures for Powdery mildew  in Tomato


Prophylactic Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of sprays Spray intervals Method of application
Zymo ThymoxZymo Max Spread 1- 2 gm+0.10 ml 1-2 3 -5 weeks Foliar spray


Curative Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of treatment Spray intervals Method of application
Zymo Biologique + Xymo Thymox Zymo Max Spread  2 gm+ 1-2 gm + 0.10 ml 2 -3 5 -7 days Foliar spray
Nutrient :Merlyn Nutrix + Zymo Max Spread  0.25 ml + 0. 10 ml  2-3 5 -7 days Foliar spray

Product Details

  1. Zymo Biologique: This product is available in powder form and contains organominerals, macronutrients, and stabilizers. Zymo Biologique is a broad spectrum organic mineral fungal control agent and improves soil fertility. Bio-organic extracts and natural minerals used in the formulation help to control plant fungus.
  2. Xymo Max Spread: This is available in liquid form, which is helpful for uniform spreading of biopesticide on sprayed areas. This can be used for all crops. It breaks down the surface tension of water and increases the wetting and spreading of a spray solution.
  3. Xymo BLT100: This is available in powder form and it contains NON-GMO biologicals, lysing biocatalysts, stabilizers and bioenhancers. This is a broad spectrum bio-agents, which is recommended for Early blight, Late blight and Septoria leaf spot diseases of tomato.
  4. Merlyn Nutrix: This is a micronutrient. It Aids overall plant growth and development. And is available in liquid form.  Product has rich Mg ions to form chlorophyll, which is responsible for capturing light energy during photosynthesis. Merlyn Nutrix enhances plant growth and metabolism. Merlyn Nutrix is applied against powdery mildew which improves the overall physiological response of the plant system  and reduces disease development. 

For more details on the product, please visit page: :Diseases Management in Tomato Crop using UAL Organic Based Products’

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