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Organic Control Measures to Manage Wilt Disease in Tomato

If your tomato plants are yellow and wilt on one side of the plant or one side of a leaf, they may have Fusarium wilt. This disease is caused by a soil-borne fungus called Fusarium oxysporum sp. lycopersici, which infects only tomatoes. It is a serious disease which causes 80% yield loss under favorable conditions. The fungus is widespread in India, especially in warmer areas, and can survive for a long time in any region. The disease is more likely to occur in soils with high nitrogen and low potassium levels, as well as in sandy soils.

  • Type of Infestation: Disease
  • Common Name:  Fusarium wilt
  • Scientific Name: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Lycopersici
  • Category of Plant Disease: Fungi
  • Mode of Spread: Soil borne
  • Most Affected Plant Part: Leaves and stem

Environmental factors favorable for disease development:

  1. Temperature: Fungi can grow at 15-30°C whereas it starts sporulation causing infection at 20-25°C.
  2. Relative Humidity: Highest sporulation is noticed at 90-95% of relative humidity.

Most affected states in India:

Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh


  1. Initial Symptoms: when fungi enter through the root, it starts blocking and browning of vascular bundles and hampers the movement of water and nutrients to the sink. So we can see yellowing and withering of leaves
  2. Severe Symptoms: as disease progresses, leaves start dropping before maturity. Drying and partial or complete death of plants. 

Biological control measures for wilt in tomato:


Prophylactic Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of sprays Spray intervals Method of application
Xymo Bioguard WLT6040 + Zymo Max Spread  2 gm+0.10 ml 1-2 3 -5 weeks Foliar spray


Curative Dosage/ Lit. of water Number of treatment Spray intervals Method of application
Zymo Bioguard WLT6040 + Xymo Biologique  1 gm + 2 -3 gm  2 -3 5 -7 days Soil drench

Product details:

  • Zymo Bioguard WLT6040: The product is highly effective against wilt disease and is available in powder form and it contains NON-GMO Biologicals, Proteolytic Biocatalysts, Stabilizers, Bioenhancers. It increases Soil Microbial Activity, proliferates good soil aerobic microbes in the root zone with adequate nutrients & denies food for anaerobic pathogens finally induces SAR.. Once the disease incidence occurs, immediate spray of Zymo Bioguard WLT6040 can manage the disease spread.
  • Xymo BLT100: This is available in powder form and it contains NON-GMO biologicals, lysing biocatalysts, stabilizers and bioenhancers. This is a broad spectrum bio-agents, which is also recommended for Early blight, Late blight and Septoria leaf spot diseases of tomato. This is recommended for all crops.
  • Zymo Biologique: This is available in powder form and it contains Organominerals, Macronutrients, Stabilizer. Bio Organic Extracts and Natural Minerals used in combinations helps in controlling Plant Fungus and Improve Immunity of the Plant to fight against Wilt disease as well as act as plant food nutrients with zero plant residue. Zymo Biologique is a broad spectrum organic mineral fungi controlling agent and it can increase the fertility of the soil

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