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Soil Health Toniq: Feeding your Soil for Plentiful Harvests

Did you know that the fertility of your soil has a direct impact on how well your crops grow and yield? Discover how to naturally maintain healthy soil with Soil Health Toniq, a specially made product that will revitalize your soil. 

How Does Toniq for Soil Health Work? 

  • Soil Health Conditioning: Soil Health Toniq works as a soil health conditioner by reviving and stimulating the soil, which encourages the development of favorable plant environments.
  • Microbial Stimulation: It improves and promotes microbial life in the soil by functioning as a microbial stimulator, which adds to the soil’s general health and fertility.
  • Reduced Dependency on Chemical Fertilizers: One of SOIL HEALTH TONIQ‘s most notable features is its capacity to drastically cut back on the use of chemical fertilizers. This is accomplished by speeding up the breakdown of organic materials and raising the soil’s humus and carbon levels.
  • Enhancing Soil Structure: By increasing soil porosity, aeration, and water retention capacity, Soil Health Toniq improves soil structure and provides the perfect environment for plant growth.

Product specifications: 

As an OMRI and ECOCERT ATTESTED product, Soil Health Toniq satisfies Indian NPOP Standards, Japanese Agricultural Standards, and European Commission requirements for organic farming. 

Doses for Best Results: 

  • Base Dosing, also known as Side Dressing: 10 kg per acre, which uses 20–25% less fertilizer.
  • Second Application: To get a more significant effect, apply a second fertilizer treatment 40–50% less frequently after 30–45 days.

Shelf Life and Stability: 

When stored according to specified guidelines, Soil Health Toniq, a highly stable powder, maintains over 90% activity for 24 months, guaranteeing its effectiveness for a prolonged duration. 

Application Advice: 

Apply SOIL HEALTH TONIQ first for best results, and then use reduced NPK fertilizers after 5-7 days. All crops and stages can use it, however care should be taken to prevent combining it with herbicides. 

Cheers to Soil Health Toniq, your co-partner in building healthy, productive soil. With Soil Health Toniq, improve the health of your soil and start growing abundant crops.  

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