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Geolife Tabsil: Effervescent Silicon Tablets for Stronger, Healthier Crop Growth

Are you having trouble strengthening your crops or facing problems with plant development?

Tabsil is the solution for you! Tabsil is an effervescent fizzy tablet loaded with ortho-silicic acid (OSA), which is needed for plant and their immune system development. As the fifth vital ingredient for the production of cell walls, Tabsil is necessary for strengthening crops. The tablet’s effervescing fizzy nature makes application easier, especially in fields with a high-water content. Because of this, Tabsil is a practical and efficient way to promote plant health and strong crop growth. 

Mode of Action:

The way silicon functions in Tabsil is amazing! It strengthens the plant’s defenses against diseases, pests, and other environmental stresses by producing a strong barrier of protective layer between the leaf and stem. This strengthens the cell walls of the plant, preventing it from folding and increases endurance to environmental challenges and physical harm. In addition to being an essential component, silicon controls the uptake and delivery of nutrients, keeps the water level in check, and promotes photosynthesis. Each of these activities helps the plant grow and become stronger overall. 

Benefits of Tabsil: 

  • Plant Defense System: Tabsil creates a strong physical barrier that supports plant health and successfully battles off pests and diseases. 
  • Stress Resistance: Improves a plant’s capacity to tolerate a range of stressful circumstances, promoting its ability to survive in harsh environmental circumstances. 
  • Promotes upright growth and lowers the chance of lodging by strengthening the structure of the plant. 
  • Regulation of Nutrient Uptake: Tabsil controls nutrient uptake to guarantee a steady and effective supply for the best possible nourishment for plants. 
  • Water management: Enhances the plant’s internal water balance, which helps with efficient water management.  
  • Application Simplified: Tabsil in tablet form offers farmers a handy and user-friendly solution by simplifying the application process.  
  • Plant productivity is directly impacted by photosynthetic efficiency, which increases growth and photosynthesis. 


Suitable to all types of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and field crops. 


  • Foliar: 1 gm per Ltrs. 
  • Drip/ Drench: 1 Kg per acre 
  • Paddy Field: 1 Kg per acre broadcasting in 1 acre of submerged paddy field. 


Twice during the growing phase and flowering fruiting stages, separated by 15 days.


This product is suitable with all types of fertilizers and other agrochemicals.  

Direction for use: 

The rate of application will vary based on the severity of the shortfall, climate, soil type, and method used. To choose the treatments from this label that will work best for your particular set of conditions, speak with the Extension Specialists or your State Agricultural Experiment Station. Use caution when using this product on plants that are under moisture stress. 

Storage and Disposal:

Avoid storing or disposing of anything that could contaminate food, water, or feed. 

Keep out of direct sunlight and keep cold. It might be kept in an unheated space. Broken container spills can be cleaned up by soaking them on clay or another appropriate absorbent material.


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