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Tapas Contsap: The Complete Solution to a Thrips Infestation

Are thrips ruining your crops, preventing them from growing and producing lower yields? Concerns eliminated: the House of Tapas presents Contsap, a revolutionary botanical remedy. This ground-breaking solution ensures optimal productivity by effectively controlling thrips with seaweed extract (Ascophyllum spp.). 

The Thrips Challenge: Thrips can be quite harmful, affecting the well-being and yield of plants, even with their little size. Contsap offers a diverse strategy to effective control and comes to the rescue with proven efficiency against all varieties of thrips. 

Features That Make Contsap Unique:
Botanical-Based Formula: The natural yet effective solution of Contsap is guaranteed by its botanical base, which includes seaweed extract (Ascophyllum spp.). 

Contact, Systemic, and Fumigant Properties: Contsap is one of the market’s most successful thrips control products due to its various modes of action. 

Complete Control: Contsap offers immediate and complete control by eliminating thrips at every stage, from eggs to adults. 

Phytotonic Effects: In addition to controlling thrips, Contsap promotes healthier crops by increasing plant development and productivity. 

Rich Composition: 

What makes Contsap special is its blend of: 

  • Mentha piperita 
  • Piper nigrum 
  • Cinnamomum cassia 
  • Acorus calamus 
  • Extract from seaweed (Ascophyllum spp.) Humic acid and its byproducts 

Easy to Use: 

As for the foliar treatment, modify the dosage according to the extent of the thrips infestation by mixing 1.5–2.5ml of Contsap per liter of water. This solution is both simple and efficient. 

Flexible Application: 

All crops can use Contsap in any season and at every stage of growth. Contsap offers all-encompassing coverage, regardless of whether you grow grains, fruits, or veggies. 

Note on Compatibility: 

Do a compatibility test on a few plants if you intend to combine Contsap with other agrochemicals to prevent unwanted responses and guarantee maximum efficacy. 

Advantages of Contsap Tapas:  

  • Regulates thrips at every stage. 
  • Increases plant output and growth. 
  • Ideal for all types of crops and stages of growth. 

For thriving crops free of thrips, go with Contsap! 

Say goodbye to problems caused with thrips with Tapas Contsap. Safeguard your crops, encourage their growth, and reap abundant rewards. Your reliable ally against a thrips infestation is Contsap! 

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