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Geolife Vigore: Promote Plant Health, Faster Growth, and Disease Resistance

Are you having problems with poor root development, insufficient nutrient absorption, too low immunity in plants ,or slow growth in your plants? 

Relax! Introducing Vigore. Vigore is a World’s best biostimulant that contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. This scientifically derived mixture, which functions well during the entire plant growth cycle, contains Neurospora crassa extract. It is intended to promote faster root system development, increase nutrient absorption efficiency, boost enzymatic activity, and support higher growth of both roots and shoots.

Mode of action 

It’s amazing how it operates! Because of the special fungal strains from Neurospora crassa found in this extract, plants grow more quickly because their roots form faster, their ability to absorb nutrients is enhanced, and their enzymatic activity is increased. It not only speeds up the growth of shoots and roots—particularly the white ones but it also initiates fruit set and flowering. Higher yields and more successful reproduction are facilitated by this technique. In summary, it has many advantages, such as boosting your plants’ vitality and output. 


  • Boost Enzymatic Activity: Vigore increases plant enzyme activity, which helps make biochemical processes run more smoothly. 
  • Robust Root Development: It encourages strong and healthy root systems, which support the plant’s general stability and vitality. 
  • Holistic Growth: By enhancing nutrient absorption, enzyme activity, and general plant development, Vigore promotes complete development. 
  • Disease Resistance: By strengthening a plant’s resistance to illnesses, this growth enhancer promotes the health and longevity of the plant. 
  • Sustainable Agriculture: By lowering the need for chemical inputs, promoting environmental health, and encouraging long-term management of natural resources, Vigore supports sustainable agriculture practices. 

Applicable for all crops i.e. field crops, fruits, and vegetables. 


  • 1 gm / litre of water – Foliar Application & Drip Application ( or ) 
  • 250 gm/acre – Soil, Drip & Drench Application 


  • Foliar 
  • Drip-irrigation 
  • Soil application  
  • Drenching near the root zone. 


It is compatible with most agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. 

Direction of use

Vigore application rates will vary depending on deficiency severity, climate, soil type, and mode of application. It is advised to speak with Extension Specialists or your State Agricultural Experiment Station for advice catered to your unique circumstances. They may offer guidance on the right dosages and application techniques for the best results in your farming situation.


In order to avoid contaminating food, water, or feed while it’s being stored or disposed of, keep the item out of direct sunlight and in a cool area.  

Cleaning Up Spills: To clean up and contain spills from broken containers, use clay or another suitable absorbent. This guarantees safe disposal and helps in the prevention of additional contamination.


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