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Geolife Vigore Raja: Enhance Soil Health, Crop Productivity and Plant Growth

Are you having trouble with low crop productivity, poor soil aggregation, and plant growth?

Worry no more! Introducing Vigore Raja. A natural superior yield booster containing vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants along with Mycorrhiza and Neurospora crassa extract. It enhances soil aggregation, helps plants develop and establish themselves, increases water-holding capacity, and boosts productivity. 

Wondering about how Vigore Raja works?

This potent blend of mycorrhiza, antioxidants, vitamins, and Neurospora crassa extract strengthens roots, encourages plant growth, and enhances general plant health. Strong white roots are encouraged to grow, nutrient absorption is enhanced, and enzyme activity is raised by Vigore Raja. Better yields and higher-quality crops are produced as a result of increased plant vitality and productivity. Vigore Raja’s special qualities enable balanced enzymatic activity as well, resulting in a healthy and well-structured plant. 


  • Improved Nutrient Absorption: Vigore Raja helps plants better absorb nutrients, making sure they receive the vital components that are essential for growth.
  • Stress Tolerance: It makes plants immune to stress, enabling them to adapt more effectively to harsh environmental circumstances.
  • Root Formation: Vigore Raja strengthens the base of the plant for general health and vigor by encouraging strong root development.
  • Soil Structure: By enhancing the soil’s structure, the product helps to improve the conditions for plant growth and nutrient availability.
  • Output and Efficiency: When mycorrhiza and Neurospora crassa extract combine in a beneficial way, Vigore Raja boosts agricultural output, enhances water usage efficiency, and promotes a healthier soil ecology.

Vigore Raja is applicable for all crops i.e. field crops, fruits, and vegetables. 

Application Dosage 

  • Foliar Application: 1 gm /litre of water.  
  • Drip/ Drenching Application: 250 gm/acre. 
  • Application with Fertilizers or manures: 250gm/acre 

 Ingredients  – Enterprise Specification   

  • Total viable propagules/gram  – 10 spores per gram  
  • Infectivity potential – Inoculum Potential 1200 IP/g (determined by MPN methodwith 10 fold dilution)  


Vigore Raja should not be used alongside chemical fungicides or bactericides. Soil application of fungicides should be avoided for minimum 7-8 days before or after application of Vigore Raja. 

Direction for use 

Consult the Extension Specialists or your state’s Agricultural Experiment Station for specific guidance. Select the therapies from this label that are most appropriate for your area. When plants are stressed by wetness, don’t apply. To apply, combine Herbal Triangle with dirt, stir it in, and apply it to the roots of trees, bushes, and plants. The application rates for Herbal Triangle will be determined by deficiency severity, climate, soil type, and application method.

Storage and disposal 

Avoid storing or disposing of anything that could contaminate food, water, or feed. 

STORAGE: Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Broken container spills can be cleaned up by soaking them on clay or another appropriate absorbent material. 

Keep it away from children. 

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