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Xymo Biofert is your Partner for Soil Fertility and Better Growth

The secret to soil fertility becomes a silent ally in the agricultural path, helping to nurture success. It’s the foundation for a thriving and bountiful harvest, not just a decision. Here’s a presenting XYMO BIOFERT, the organic soil conditioner and growth booster that every farm needs to have to condition the soil and improve its fertility. 

Distinctive formulation for maximum efficiency 

The distinct molecular structure of XYMO BIOFERT, which functions as an organic chelator and microbial stimulant, is what makes it distinctive. This translates into improved soil productivity, greater nutrient assimilation, and general plant development. With XYMO BIOFERT, you can put an end to concerns about essential nutrients being lost through irrigation because it’s made to maximize plant growth and seed germination. 

Versatility across crops 

Do you have any questions regarding how to use XYMO BIOFERT? This is a rather amazing list!

It has proven successful with a wide range of crops, including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, cabbages, cauliflower, and more. XYMO BIOFERT is ready to boost the potential of any produce you grow. 

Application guidelines 

The kind, state, and duration of the crop dictate the dosage for either foliar spray or soil application. For best results, apply 500 gm/acre of foliar spray every 15 days together with 2-4 kg of soil each acre. When applying soil, take into account the following professional advice: Mix it with compost or farmyard manure for optimal results. 

ECOCERT certified organic input 

Were you aware? According to European Commission standards, XYMO BIOFERT is a dependable organic input that is appropriate for organic farming because it is ECOCERT CERTIFIED. This certification guarantees that the product you select complies with the strictest organic requirements. 

Your partner for better crop growth 

XYMO BIOFERT can be your growth partner whether you are an experienced farmer or a novice. Recall that crops grow better in healthy soil. Enhance your agricultural methods and foster prosperity by utilizing XYMO BIOFERT. 

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