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Xymo Biotoniq AG: A Symphony of Growth and Vitality to Improve Crop Nutrition

Discover Xymo Biotoniq AG, a nutritional powerhouse that will revolutionize the way you tend to your crops. This special combination of minerals and amino acids, offered in liquid and powder form, is more than simply a fertilizer for your plants; it’s a symphony of growth and vitality. Let’s discover the secret that makes Xymo Biotoniq AG an indispensable tool for all farmers. 

Plant Nutrient Symphony 

Xymo Biotoniq AG is a special blend of minerals and amino acids that provides your plants with a symphony of nutrients for maximum growth and vitality. Fast-absorbing and acting as a supply of carbon and nitrogen, the amino acids enable your plants to focus their energy on development instead of decomposing organic waste. 

Stress-Relieving, Growth-Accelerated Superstar 

Xymo Biotoniq AG is more than just food; it’s a growth-promoting, stress-relieving powerhouse that’s specifically designed for your plants. As a bio-stimulant and enhancer of plant growth, it makes sure that your crops flourish at every stage of growth.

Accredited in Organic Agriculture 

Were you aware that Xymo Biotoniq AG is the proud owner of the esteemed OMRI and ECOCERT ATTESTED certifications? This indicates that it complies with European Commission norms and Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) and is appropriate for organic farming. Now you can strengthen your commitment to sustainable agriculture with a product that satisfies the strictest organic requirements. 

Flexibility in Utilization 

Xymo Biotoniq AG provides application flexibility, meeting foliar as well as soil requirements. 

Apply 0.50 to 2.00 kg of soil per acre in addition to other soil management products from the Zymo / Xymo line. There are two rounds of application for long-term or perennial crops, and one round for short-term crops. 

Apply on the leaves: Apply 0.25 to 0.50 kg/acre. For short crops, the recommended frequency of treatment is two to three sprays; for long or perennial crops, it is four to six sprays.

Application Versatility 

Xymo Biotoniq AG provides both soil and foliar needs with application flexibility. Use in conjunction with the Zymo / Xymo line of soil management products, applying 0.50 to 2.00 kg per acre. One round of application is used for short crops, and two rounds are used for long or perennial crops. 

Apply 0.25 to 0.50 kg of foliar fertilizer per acre. Application frequency varies from two to three sprays for short crops to four to six sprays for long or perennial crops. 

Choose the Best for Your Crops 

In conclusion, choose Xymo Biotoniq AG because your crops deserve nothing but the best. Embrace sustainable farming and witness the extraordinary growth and vitality that Xymo Biotoniq AG brings to your fields. 

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