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Xymo BLT 100: Superior Protection Against Bacterial and Fungal Blights

Are you looking for a broad-spectrum antifungal and antibacterial remedy that works well against blights? There’s nowhere else to look! Introducing XYMO BLT 100, an effective combination of natural extracts and biomolecules approved by Indian NPOP standards. This highly effective product is intended to be your ally in the battle against blight-related illnesses. 

Important XYMO BLT 100 Features:

  • Special Formulation: Carefully formulated to offer efficient control against both fungal and bacterial blights, XYMO BLT 100 is a special blend of biomolecules and natural extracts.
  • Authentic Organic Product: XYMO BLT 100 is an OMRI and ECOCERT ATTESTED product, certified by Indian NPOP standards, and allowed for use in organic farming under European Union and Japanese Agricultural Standards.
  • Compatibility with ZYMO Range: The XYMO BLT 100 provides an ecologically safe method of preventing yield loss from blight diseases and is fully compatible with UAL’s ZYMO range of products.

Guidelines for Dosage and Application: 

  • Curative Action: Apply 2.0 g in a liter of water and mist leaves for three to five days, then do it again for three to five sprays.
  • Preventive Measure: It is advised to use a foliar spray once every seven to fifteen days for prevention.
  • Soil Drenching: Use 0.50 to 1.0 g/L of water for drenching soil. 

Adequacy for Plants: 

Many crops can be grown with XYMO BLT 100, such as bananas, pomegranates, tea, paddy, and more. It offers adaptable protection that may be used in all stages and throughout all seasons.

Adaptability to Different Agents: 

A comprehensive and integrated approach to disease management is made possible by the compatibility of XYMO BLT 100 with other organic and biological disease control agents. 

Shelf life and packaging: 

XYMO BLT 100 is a handy product that comes in a 5.0 kg net weight pack. When kept in a cold, dry place, it maintains optimal function for at least 24 months (about 2 years). 

Protection of crops using XYMO BLT 100: 

Select XYMO BLT 100 to protect your crops from bacterial and fungal blights. Act right now to use XYMO BLT 100 to guarantee a healthy and disease-free harvest. 

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