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Xymo Bugtrol: A Suitable Shield and Supplement for Plants

Introducing XYMO BUGTROL, a multipurpose and effective insect deterrent that also provides your plants with nutrition. Find out what distinguishes XYMO BUGTROL in the field of plant health and pest control. 

Important characteristics: 

  • Broad-Spectrum Pest Control: XYMO BUGTROL works as a broad-spectrum pest-controlling agent for all-around protection and is very effective against a variety of insects.
  • Plant Extract Composition: XYMO BUGTROL, a product made from plant extracts high in alkaloids, strengthens a plant’s natural defences against pests by enhancing the plant’s Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).
  • Eco-Friendly and Quick: XYMO BUGTROL is both quick and environmentally friendly. It decomposes quickly in the presence of sunlight, leaving no remnant for harvesting or long-term environmental contamination.
  • Certified for Organic Farming: XYMO BUGTROL is an OMRI and ECOCERT ATTESTED INPUT that complies with Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) and EU laws, making it appropriate for organic farming.
  • Effective Against a Variety of Pests: XYMO BUGTROL offers a strong protection for your plants against a variety of pests, including caterpillars, white flies, spider mites, and more. 

Guidelines for Dosage and Application: 

  • Foliar spray for prevention: 1.0–2.0 ml/L of water
  • Curative Foliar Spray: 2–4 milliliters per liter of water 

Compatibility of Pesticides with One Another: 

XYMO BUGTROL offers a versatile approach to integrated pest management and is compatible with various synthetic pesticides. 

Storage and Handling tips: 

To maintain XYMO BUGTROL‘s potency for up to 24 months, handle it carefully and keep it somewhere cold and dry. 

Supplement for Enhanced Effectiveness: 

XYMO MAX SPREAD is an adjuvant that can be utilized for greater efficacy. Furthermore, XYMO BUGTROL and XYMO ULTRASPECTRUM can be used for spraying to achieve the best possible control. 

Adaptable Use: 

XYMO BUGTROL is a handy and efficient solution for the whole life cycle of the plant since it can be administered from the nursery to harvest. 

Exclusive Rates at BigHaat: 

For plant protection and nourishment, XYMO BUGTROL is an indispensable product because to its numerous advantages and user-friendly nature. Upgrade your routine for caring for your plants and see the benefits of XYMO BUGTROL. 

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