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Zymo Bioguard WLT 6040: The Most Effective Protection Against Wilt Disease

Do wilt diseases pose a risk to the crops you grow? Do not be alarmed! We are pleased to offer ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040, a state-of-the-art product developed by UAL, your dependable agricultural partner, using cutting-edge bio-molecular technology. NPOP regulations in India have approved this product for organic use, and it’s your key to successfully fighting wilt diseases. 

Key Features of ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040: 

ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040 is designed with superior bio-molecular technology, which guarantees a strong defense against diseases that cause wilting. 

  • Organic Certification: This product is safe for the environment in addition to being effective. It satisfies European Union and Japanese Agricultural Standards for organic farming and has received organic certification under Indian NPOP standards. It is also OMRI and ECOCERT ATTESTED.
  • Broad-Spectrum Disease Control: ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040 is a flexible solution for a range of crops since it provides broad-spectrum disease control.
  • Compatibility with ZYMO Range: Designed to work in harmony with the ZYMO product line, it easily incorporates into your current crop management techniques. 

Doses and Instructions for Use: 

  • Root Application: To apply ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040 to roots, mix 2.0–4.0 g with 1.0 liter of water.
  • Foliar Spray: For foliar spray, use 2.0 g/L.
  • Curative Action: Use once every five to seven days. Apply once every two to four weeks for preventive action, depending on the crop cycle. 

Flexibility in Utilization:

All crops, all stages, and all seasons can use ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040. For best effects, a general dosage of 250–500 g per acre is recommended.

Suitable for Use with Other Products:

ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040 provides a complete approach to crop health and is highly compatible with organic goods. It is specifically intended to operate flawlessly with UAL’s Soil Management and Nutrition Management goods. 

Shelf Life and Storage:

To maintain ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040‘s efficacy for up to 24 months, handle it carefully and keep it somewhere cold and dry. 

Protect Your Crops Right Now:

Avoid letting wilt diseases jeopardize the health of your crops. For greener and healthier crops, go with ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040. Take immediate action to protect your crops from wilt diseases! 

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