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Zymo Biologique: A Broad-Spectrum Fungicide and Soil Fertility Booster to Protect Your Crops

ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE is a special broad-spectrum fungicide that goes above and beyond protection to improve the fertility of your soil. Say goodbye to concerns about fungal diseases wreaking havoc on your crop output. Let’s explore the reasons why ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE is an essential tool for crop protection. 

Important characteristics 

  • Safe Organic Formulation: ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE‘s formulation, which successfully fights plant fungus, is made from a blend of natural minerals and organic extracts.
  • Complete Fungus Control: This broad-spectrum fungicide protects your crops from a wide range of plant fungi, including infamous ones like black sigatoka and root fungus.
  • Boosts Immunity and Disease Resistance: ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE not only fights disease but also helps plants become more resilient and resistant to illnesses in general.
  • Soil Fertility Enhancement: ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE, which is enriched with phosphorus and potassium, helps to improve soil fertility by fostering a nutrient-rich environment for your plants. 

Accredited in Organic Agriculture 

ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE, an OMRI and ECOCERT-attested product that complies with Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS), is a dependable option for organic farming. Its dedication to organic and sustainable agriculture methods is demonstrated by this accreditation.

Doses and Usage 

Foliar Application: From the nursery stage till harvest, use 2 to 4 gm/litre of water, depending on the crop cycle and disease incidence. Use drip irrigation, a fertigation system, or manual drenching to apply 2.0 to 4.0 g/L of water, considering the crop growth stage and the overall period of disease occurrence. 

General Dosage: For best effects, apply 250–500 gm/acre. 

ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE is adaptable and good for all types of crops at all phases and times of the year. 

Stability of Product and Shelf-Life: 

Zymo Biologique is an extremely stable powder that, when stored at room temperature and in an airtight container, maintains over 90% activity for 24 months. This guarantees a long-term, dependable, and efficient product.

Note on Compatibility 

ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE can be used with ZYMO BIOGROW and ZYMO GROWELL, two of UAL’s soil management products. Additionally, it works well with nutrition management products like XYMO BIOTONIQ AG and MERLYN NUTREX. It is advised to combine it with ZYMO BIOGUARD WLT 6040 when applying for the best results.
With ZYMO BIOLOGIQUE, you can protect your crops with peace of mind. Allow your crops to flourish with the combined advantages of improved soil fertility and disease prevention.  

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