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Zymo Cane Max: Nutrient-Based Nutrition for Optimal Sugarcane Growth

ZYMO CANE MAX is prepared to give your sugarcane crops the finest care that they deserve. This multipurpose solution, which is specifically developed for “Slow Release & Prolonged Action,” functions as a microbiological stimulant, soil conditioner, and growth booster. 

Key Advantages of ZYMO CANE MAX: 

  • Microbial Magic: ZYMO CANE MAX is a scientifically formulated mixture of beneficial microorganisms, organic matter, and biocatalysts that work in concert to improve soil fertility.
  • Enhancement of Soil: ZYMO CANE MAX functions as a catalyst, promoting the growth of soil microflora and quickening the breakdown of organic materials. For ideal growing conditions, it enhances soil porosity, increases water retention, and breaks up the soil.
  • Nutrient Transfer: ZYMO CANE MAX helps the plant absorb essential micronutrients, which increases root mass, fruit production, and overall biomass.

Features and Accreditations: 

ZYMO CANE MAX is an OMRI and ECOCERT-ATTESTED product that satisfies the exacting requirements for organic farming established by the Japanese Agricultural Standards and the European Union. 

Doses and Instructions for Use: 

  • Transplantation: For a robust start, add 4 kg of ZYMO CANE MAX with FYM or compost per acre when transplanting.
  • Second Application: Four months later, apply again for long-lasting effects.
  • Flexibility in Utilization: ZYMO CANE MAX is especially made for sugarcane crops and works well in all growth stages and seasons. 

Shelf Life and Storage: 

ZYMO CANE MAX is available as a stable powder that keeps over 90% of its active ingredients active for 24 months at room temperature. For the best results, keep it in a dry and cool area. 

Protect the Future of Your Sugarcane Crop: 

Don’t skimp on the wellbeing or productivity of your sugarcane harvests. To ensure the best possible growth for your crops, use ZYMO CANE MAX. Take immediate action to improve the health of your sugarcane fields! 

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