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Zymo Opt Supra: Accelerate the Growth of Your Oil Palm Tree

Presenting ZYMO OPT SUPRA: the ultimate soil conditioner, microbiological stimulant, and growth booster, carefully formulated for oil palm tree growth. Make the most of your plantings by using this special mixture that is intended for “Slow Release & Prolonged Action.” 

Main Advantages of ZYMO OPT SUPRA: 

  • Enhanced Soil Micro-Flora: By encouraging the growth of advantageous microorganisms, ZYMO OPT SUPRA helps to maintain a more robust soil environment. 
  • Better Organic Matter Decomposition: This product promotes the soil’s nutrient cycle by hastening the breakdown of organic matter. 
  • Enhanced Humus/Carbon Content: ZYMO OPT SUPRA improves soil fertility and structure by enhancing the humus and carbon content of the soil. 
  • Enhanced Nutrient Holding Capacity: The product makes the soil more capable of retaining and binding nutrients, which makes it easier for oil palm trees to get the nutrients they need. 
  • Enhanced Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): ZYMO OPT SUPRA improves the soil’s Cation Exchange Capacity, which helps plants absorb nutrients more effectively. 
  • Soil Conditioning: It functions as an enhanced soil conditioner by efficiently breaking up compacted soil and clay for better root development. 
  • Better Soil Porosity and Aeration: ZYMO OPT SUPRA improves soil porosity, which facilitates improved aeration and the ability of the soil to hold onto water for long-term plant growth. 
  • Increased root mass, fruit production, and total biomass in oil palm trees are the results of the product’s stimulation of root respiration and formation. 
  • Biocycle Restoration: By maintaining the biocycles, ZYMO OPT SUPRA promotes a healthy and sustainable soil environment. 
  • Enhances the soil’s buffering capacity, counterbalancing acidic and alkaline environments to promote healthy plant development. 
  • Water-soluble nutrients are held in the root zone and released when the plants require them. This process is known as nutrient retention and release. 
  • Enhances vital physiological activities like respiration, cell division, photosynthesis, cell elongation, and energy transfer by acting as both a bio-catalyzer and a bio-stimulator. 
  • Phosphate Mobilization: Promotes the availability of phosphate anion to oil palm trees for enhanced phosphorus uptake. 

Credentials and Suitability: 

ZYMO OPT SUPRA is an OMRI and ECOCERT-ATTESTED product that satisfies the exacting requirements for organic farming imposed by the Japanese Agricultural Standards and the European Union. 

Doses and Instructions for Use: 

Use 40.0–80.0 g per tree, twice a year, is the recommended dosage. 

Ideal Combination: Use in conjunction with XYMO BIOTONIQ AG at a dosage of 20–40 g per tree for improved outcomes. 

Shelf Life and Storage: When stored according to specified guidelines, ZYMO OPT SUPRA is an extremely stable powder that maintains over 90% activity for 24 months. 

ZYMO OPT SUPRA will help your oil palm trees develop more quickly.  Invest in your oil’s future today. 

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