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PM Kisan Khad Yojana

PM Kisan Khad Yojana is a huge helping hand for those struggling farmers who do not have access to funds for getting quality fertilizers for their crops. This is a scheme under the much-welcomed PM Kisan project where the farmers are getting benefits under various categories. This particular Kisan Khad Yojana is for fertilizer procurement. The benefits are transferred directly to the bank account of the farmers.

Scheme Overview

  • Scheme Name: PM Kisan Khad Yojana 
  • Scheme Modified: October 2022 
  • Scheme Fund Allocated: INR 5000 per year 
  • Type of Government Scheme: Central Government of India 
  • Sponsored / Sector Scheme: PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi 
  • Website to apply: https://fw.pmkisan.gov.in/ 
  • Helpline No.: 011-24300606,155261

Features of PM Kisan Khad Yojana

One of the latest farmer-friendly projects of the Government of India is the PM Kisan Khad Yojana. This will help the beneficiaries to get direct financial benefits of INR 5000 per year to procure fertilizers. This will be a huge helping hand for those struggling to meet their ends. Announced in October 2022, this project came as a Diwali gift for the farmers.

The beneficiaries will be the actual farmers. The guidelines of the PM Kisan Khad Yojana scheme specify who is not eligible so that those in need will get their actual help without any undeserving candidate interfering in between.

Benefits of PM Kisan Khad Yojana

  • The PM Kisan Khad Yojana is a beneficial financial support for farmers who are unable to afford expensive fertilizers or sometimes, the basic fertilizer requirements. They now will get INR 2500 twice a year to help them achieve their goals.  
  • This PM Kisan Khad Yojana will be in addition to the already implemented INR 6000 for the farmers. With this project, the annual financial support for the farmers will now be INR 11,000.  
  • The application process for this is online through the PM Kisan portal with proper KYC formalities.  
  • The biggest benefit here is that the amount will be credited directly to the beneficiary’s bank account, bypassing all middlemen.

Drawbacks of PM Kisan Khad Yojana

The PM Kisan Khad Yojana is a wonderful helping hand for the farmers and will be more advantageous for small-scale farmers. For larger-scale farmers, this will not be sufficient to meet their demands and will need a higher amount. At the instant that is not the case. At the same time, the other projects of the Central Government of India will assist them with this. Moreover, more proportionate financial assistance could have been a better option. This way the farmers will get support proportionate to their farming land or expenses, where applicable.

How to Apply PM Kisan Khad Yojana Online?

To get the benefits of the PM Kisan Khad Yojana, you need to go to the PM Kisan official website.

  • Step 1: In order to complete the PM Kisan Khad Yojana online registration you must first register at the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) portal. Here, you must register and link your bank account with your Aadhaar details.  
  • Step 2: The next step is the completion of KYC through mobile number OTP which should be the same as the Aadhaar registered number.  
  • Step 3: Now, you can choose the PM Kisan plan from the DBT portal and go to the respective site or visit there directly. 
  • Step 4: Log in to your account, fill in the required application form and submit the form to apply for the PM Kisan Khad Yojana benefits.

If you are unable to complete the online registration, you can contact the local Agriculture Department office as well.

Documents Required for PM Kisan Khad Yojana Online Registration

  • Aadhar card 
  • Copy of ration card 
  • Copy of bank passbook 
  • Mobile number 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Land papers 


When you apply for the PM Kisan Khad Yojana online, you can choose your language, village or town and the application form will be available accordingly. Registering for this scheme is easy as most of the farmers will be registered at the Government portal. Since the benefits are direct transfer through the bank, it is essential to register at the DBT portal to avail of all other financial assistance from the Government of India.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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