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Private Tube Well Connection Yojana – A Scheme That Allows Farmers To Fight Climate Change

The Private Tube-well Connection Yojana is a scheme where the Uttar Pradesh government works towards installing tube wells in the farmer fields. Climate change leads to non-stop loss in agriculture which negatively affects farmers. They also have to manage various problems associated with irrigation. The farmers at times get too pressed for money to invest in advanced pumps and diesel. This scheme helps to address this requirement and make it possible for the farmers to resolve the problems related to irrigation and have good quality farm produce.  

Private Tube well Connection Yojana – An Overview

Scheme Name – Private Tube well Connection Yojana  

Scheme Modification Date – 2022 

Type of Government Scheme – State Government  

Website – https://www.upenergy.in/ 

Helpline Nos – 1912.  

What are the benefits of Private Tube well Connection Yojana?

The best benefits of the scheme are as follows: 

  • It acts a big gift for the farmers – Owing to sudden climatic shifts, agriculture experiences loss from to time. And in this situation, farming tends to become very costly for the farmers. That aside, even the irrigation happens another massive issue for the farmers. Here this scheme acts as a boon for the farmers by addressing the need for water in farming and setting up tube-wells.  
  • It helps to resolve the irrigation problem – The diesel-powered tube wells are expensive. And inflation can create an issue for the farmers, as they are already bothered by the declining production. The outcome is a negative effect on their farming. The reduced yields are what farmers have to face. Here the scheme helps them to install the electric tube wells which helps in the irrigation and makes it much easier. And that makes the crop production go up and help farmers to earn more eventually.  

How to apply for Private Tube well Connection Yojana?

The farmers need to apply the scheme online. The steps below can help: 

Step 1– The farmers should click on https://www.upenergy.in/ which is the official website.  

Step 2 – Click on the new “Tubewell Connection” as it appears.  

Step 3 – After that click on the “Tubewell Connection Online Application” 

Step 4 – Browse and click on the new registration option 

Step 5 – Fill in the registration details 

Step 6 – Submit the form. 

Once all the details get submitted, the tube well will get installed at the farmer’s farm.  

What are the documents required?

  • Application number 
  • Receipt number  
  • Mobile number  

The Private Tube well Connection Yojana understands the need of water for farmers and their farming needs. The installed tubewells under this scheme gives more water access to the farmers which enables them to increase the irrigation depth for all the current crops. It can also increase the cropping intensity by doing away with double cropping and fallowing. Additionally, it helps farmers to grow the valuable crops such as fruits, rice, cotton and other vegetables. Furthermore, it allows the farmer to access the groundwater easily. All these benefits helps to generate a good farm produce, which will translate to better yields, money and profit.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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