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Soil Health Card Scheme

Soil Health Card is part of the Soil Health Management Scheme which will help the farmer get the complete list of soil nutrients and the general soil health on their land. The scheme will enhance proper farming practices and soil management techniques for increased productivity and income.

Scheme Overview

  • Scheme Name: Soil Health Card scheme 
  • Scheme Modified: 10.02.2015 
  • Scheme Fund Allocated: Under the scheme village youth and farmers up to 40 years of age are eligible to set up Soil Health laboratories and undertake testing. A lab costs up to Rs. 5,00,000, 75 percent of which can be funded by central and state governments.
  • Type of Government Scheme: Central State Government of India 
  • Sponsored / Sector Scheme: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare 
  • Website to apply: https://www.soilhealth.dac.gov.in/ 
  • Helpline No.: To the State Nodal Officers

Features of the Soil Health Card Scheme

The Soil Health Card scheme is a wonderful initiative showing long-term benefits for the farmers and their land. See further details about this scheme in the table below.

Who is SHC for?  All farmers in any state of India.  
What does SHC contain?  Soil nutrient report and other parameters including soil pH, organic carbon content, electrical conductivity, and soil nutrient level of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, boron, zinc, copper, iron, and manganese.  
SHC is printed in which language?  SHC will be available in 22 languages. 
How often can I apply for SHC?  SHC will be issued every 3 years
Who will collect the soil sample?  State Government representatives 
What is the fee for SHC?  INR 190 which includes all expenses from collection, sampling, testing, and issuing the card.  

Benefits of the Soil Health Card Scheme

  • With the Soil Health Card, the farmers will receive a regular soil nutrient report and a detailed report on which crops will be suitable for which season for the particular nutrient combination of their land.  
  • The farmers will have a clear idea about their soil and can choose the appropriate crop suitable as per the soil profile. It will be more beneficial than growing random crops.  
  • There will be assistance from experts if the farmers require it.  
  • They will get training in various soil management practices, which will help them improve the soil profile over the period and increase their productivity.  
  • The SHC will show which nutrients are lacking in the soil, so the farmers need to supply only those that will maintain the soil health and be economical for the farmers.

Drawbacks of Soil Health Card Yojana

The Soil Health Card will provide the details only once in 3 years. The details can be inaccurate if natural calamities or other environmental factors have disrupted the region’s climate. Excessive rain or drought will also play havoc on the soil profile, so it may need a more frequent inspection than what is practiced now.

How to Apply for a Soil Health Card?

Although the State Government authorities provide the SHC, farmers can request the same to find the nearest soil testing laboratory.

  • Step 1- Go to the official website of Soil Health Card click on the RELATED LINKS and choose FARMERS PORTAL 
  • Step 2- You will be redirected to the respective portal. 
  • Step 3- Choose the Soil Health Card tab.  
  • Step 4- Select ‘Soil Testing Laboratory’, and you will see all the states displayed. Each state will have a DETAILS button which will reveal further details.  
  • Step 5- Click on the respective button against your state.  
  • Step 6- You will now have the details of all the available labs in the state. Note down the one that is closer to you. 
  • Step 7- Take your soil sample here, and they will send the reports to the authorities. 
  • Step 8- You will get the report sent to you, or you can download it from the Farmers Portal. For this, choose Download SHC instead of Soil Testing Laboratory.

Documents Required for Soil Health Card

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof 
  • Passbook copy 
  • Registration Form 


With this scheme, the farmers can use fertilizers that are necessary for the required amount instead of using fertilizers excessively without a clear picture of their availability in the soil. This scheme will be fruitful and more successful in the coming years when used correctly.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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