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Sub-Mission On Agricultural Mechanization – Drone Technology

Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanization (SMAM) scheme was launched by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare to empower the farmers in India. The Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization scheme was introduced to promote the use of appropriate agricultural machinery and equipment, including drone technology to increase agricultural productivity and efficiency. The main objective of SMAM scheme is to make farm machinery affordable and accessible for small and marginal farmers. 

Scheme Overview

  • Scheme Name: Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (Drone Technology) 
  • Scheme Implemented: 2021 
  • Scheme Fund Allocated: 1050 crore  
  • Type of Government Scheme: Central sector scheme 
  • Sector / Sponsored Scheme: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare 
  • Website to apply: https://agrimachinery.nic.in/ 
  • Helpline No: 011-23604908 

Features of SMAM

Implementing Agencies  Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (FMTTI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Institutions, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVKs), Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) 
Financial Assistance 
Purchase of drones by Government Institutes & Organizations   SMAM scheme provides 100% of the cost of agriculture drone up to Rs. 10 lakhs per drone (maximum) 
To FPOs for its demonstrations on farmer’s fields  Provides Financial assistance up to 75% for agriculture drone 
A contingency expenditure is provided to implementing agencies 
  • For hiring – Rs. 6000/ha 
  • For purchasing – Rs. 3000/ha 
On rental basis to farmers by Custom Hiring Centers (CHC) under Cooperative Society of Farmers, FPOs and Rural entrepreneurs  Grants up to 40% (maximum of Rs. 4.00 lakhs) 
To agriculture graduates establishing Custom Hiring Centers  Financial assistance up to 50% of the cost (maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakhs per drone) 
For individual purchase 
  • Small and Marginal, Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe, Women and North Eastern State Farmers – 50% of cost up to a maximum of 5.00 lakhs 
  • Others – 40% of cost up to maximum of 4.00 lakhs 


Latest News about the scheme

  • Recently, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) was released by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (DA&FW) for safe and effective operation of drones for nutrient and pesticide application.  
  • The protocols for registration requirements of pesticides for drone application have been prescribed by the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee. 

Objectives of Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

  • To promote the adoption of drone technology in agriculture. 
  • To give financial assistance to farmers for procuring farm machinery and implements. 
  • Creating hubs for hi-value and hi-tech value farm equipment. 
  • To provide both on-field and off-field training and demonstrations for boosting farm mechanization. 

Benefits of SMAM

  • The scheme provides financial assistance to farmers and other stakeholders to purchase drones and other agricultural machinery and equipment. 
  • It also provides training and capacity building to farmers on the use of drones and other technologies. 
  • Using drone technology in agriculture mechanization provides significant benefits to farmers, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, reduced costs, increased crop yields and environmental benefits. 

Challenges of SMAM

  • Many farmers are not aware of the benefits of using modern equipment and techniques in agriculture and they are still dependent on manual labor and are resistant to change.  

How to apply?

Step 1: Visit the official website of Digital Platform for Farm Mechanization and Technology i.e. https://agrimachinery.nic.in/  

Step 2: On the Homepage, Click on the ‘Direct Benefit Transfer in Agriculture Mechanization’ option 

Step 3: After choosing that, click on the Registration button from the dashboard 

Step 4: Select farmers from the drop-down menu of Registration 

Step 6: Enter your State and Aadhar number and register yourself as farmer 

Step 7: Fill all the asked information carefully and after completing click on the ‘Submit’ button 

Alternatively, farmers can also apply for the SMAM scheme through the Common Service Centers (CSCs) set up by the government. These centers provide a range of services, including online application services for various government schemes, including the SMAM scheme. 

Documents Required

  • Identity Proof 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Photocopy of the field  
  • Bank Passbook 
  • Caste Certificate 
  • Residential Certificate 


Therefore, drone technology in agriculture mechanization is a promising development that can bring significant benefits to farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole. As technology continues to improve and becomes more accessible, it will be important to address the challenges and limitations in order to fully realize its potential. 

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