Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana- Subsidy On Implements Rentals

A major share of farmers in India suffers due to a lack of enough funds to buy agricultural equipment to improve their lands. Here is a helping hand from the State of Bihar with its Mukhyamantri Harit Krishi Sanyantra Yojana that provides subsidies on the rent of agricultural machinery or other equipment.

Subsidy For Mushroom Cultivation – Benefits, Guidelines & Eligibility

Mushroom cultivation has become a primary source of income for several unlikely farmers and a popular second income option for many. A mushroom cultivation government subsidy was introduced in 2011 under the National Horticulture Board to promote mushroom production and help farmers with their endeavours.

National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm Subsidy – Benefits, Guidelines & Eligibility

For the past few years, India has been one of the largest oilseeds producers and an importer of edible oils. There is a growing demand for edible oil in the country as the per-person consumption per year is nearly 16 kg.

Organic Farming Subsidy – Benefits, Guidelines & Eligibility

As consumers are getting more aware of the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers on health, producers and governments across the globe are forced to promote organic farming in whichever way they can.

Makhana Subsidy In Bihar – Benefits, Guidelines & Eligibility

Ever since Mithila Makhana got a GI Tag, the Government of Bihar has promoted makhana production in the state. Currently, the promotional makhana subsidy is available in just a few districts.