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UP Keet/rog/kharpatvaar Yojana – Farmers Can Do Better Pest Control And Increase Their Earning

The UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana helps farmers to manage pest control in a way that it doesn’t affect the crop management and their income. Owing to the changing weather, the issues such as weeds and pest-diseases are always on the rise. Farmers often spray insecticides other than the pest manager chemicals for saving the crops from getting infected. As a result, the cost of the crops rises and that brings down the earnings. The scheme addresses this aspect and helps the farmers with a subsidy on the chemicals so that there is no or less crop loss. And this in turn can increase their earning.  

UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana – An Overview

Scheme Name – UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana  

Scheme Implementation Date – 2018 – 19 and extended 2021-22 

Scheme Fund Allocated – Rs 19257.75 crore  

Type of Government Scheme – State Government  

Website – http://www.upagriculture.com 

Helpline Nos – 7235090578 

Features of the UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana

Sl. Nos   Details about UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana 
1 What is the subsidy that is available for the marginal farmers?   About 50 to 75% 
2 For how much area did the government provide agricultural defense chemicals for the financial year 2022-23?   About 1.95 lakh hectares of land.  
3 What are the machineries for which the subsidy is offered?   Power sprayer and knapsack sprayer.  
4 How many farmers will get covered in the scheme?   About 42 lakh farmers.  
5 How many agricultural equipment’s will get provided under the scheme?   6,000.  
6 How many farmers got benefited so far by the scheme?   11,58,321 


What are the benefits of UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana?

The important benefits of the scheme for the farmers are: 

  • Since, the scheme helps in protecting the crops it prevents the farmers from any agricultural damages.  
  • The scheme ensures that 20% of loss because of weeds, 20% loss due to pests and 26% loss because of the crop diseases can be avoided.  
  • The farmers will have access to the bioagents and the biopesticides at 75% subsidized rates for better food grain production.  
  • The scheme promotes integrated pest management so that there is better control of diseases, pests and weeds.  
  • Farmers can have access to medicines and chemical sprays at a 50% grant which helps them to save more and have better farm produce.  

How to apply for the UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana?

Farmers can follow the steps listed below to apply for this scheme: 

Step 1 – The farmer should visit the agriculture department in their district.  

Step 2 – They can get the pest control scheme application form from the appointed officer.  

Step 3 – All the relevant data asked in the letter should be correctly read and entered.  

Step 4 – The farmer should attach all the required documents in the application form.  

Step 5 – The farmer should submit the application form at the Agriculture Department 

What are the documents required?

  • Aadhar card 
  • Address proof 
  • Income certificate 
  • Land papers 
  • Mobile number 
  • Password size photograph 

The UP Keet/Rog/Kharpatvaar Yojana ensures that farmers don’t suffer any loss because of incorrect and costly pest control measures. It helps the farmers with the much needed financial help by offering a subsidy in spraying chemicals and medicines, that keeps crops safe.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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