From Manual Tools to Modern Technology: The Story of Krishnappa’s 65 Years in Farming

Krishnappa is a seasoned veteran with over 65 years of experience in farming. He has seen it all – from the days of relying on manual tools like scoops, balers, and water wheels, to the age of computers and technology. Despite the challenges, he never let them discourage him and continued to learn and adapt.

Embracing Change: The Power of Knowledge

With the advent of computers, came knowledge and the ability to cultivate crops with minimal water. Krishnappa is a true lifelong learner and continues to educate himself on current technology and farming practices. He has adopted new methods such as polyhouses and now grows seedlings, even at an age when most people would consider retirement.

Making Agriculture Smarter: The Importance of Staying Updated

The world of agriculture is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay updated on current technology and practices. Thanks to lifelong learners like Krishnappa, agriculture has become smarter and more efficient.

A Message to the Next Generation of Farmers

As you journey through your career in agriculture, remember that there is always more to learn and adapt to. Embrace challenges and never stop educating yourself. With hard work and determination, you too can make a difference in the world of agriculture. And who knows, you may even surpass the achievements of Krishnappa.”


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