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Tapas Battery Sprayer 20 L, with double motor | Unboxing

Tapas sprayer is a battery-operated equipment with a capacity of 20 litres. It is operated via a double-motor system. The motor works at 12V and contains 12 AH capacity.

Features Of Sprayers

The battery has a charging time of 10-12 hours and can work up to 4 hours with a single charge. The LED indicator lets you know about the battery charge. The pressure regulator button lets you control the spray pressure. The whole equipment has two buttons for controlling the motors.

The sprayer is made of polyethene with a cushioned back strap. It is suitable for different purposes. The tank has a wider mouth for easy filling and the sprayer hose is connected to the bottom part. The sprayer weighs 7.5 kg and the tank is 41 cm wide.

Assembling the Sprayer

● Connect one end of the sprayer pipe to the bottom of the sprayer and the other end to the trigger.

● The spray lance is connected to the other end of the trigger.

● Choose the nozzle as required and connect it to the end of the lance.

● You can connect the charger to the bottom socket on the equipment and connect it to the power socket for charging. Make sure to charge it for 12 hours for the first use.

● Fill the tank by opening the mouth and make sure to attach the filter that keeps out dust and debris.

● Close the lid, and put on the sprayer on your back. The sprayer is ready to use.


The control of the sprayer is in the trigger that has the button to switch it ON / OFF. You may change the nozzle as needed. There is also an additional power lancer for power spraying. Moreover, the tank can hold up to 20 litres but it is advised not to fill it till the rim.

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