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Unboxing the most efficient and versatile sprayer: Farmoguard Knapsack Manual Sprayer

The Knapsack Manual SPrayer is a back sprayer used for pest control fertilization, general cleaning, etc. It is suitable for agriculture, plantations, home, garden, etc. It has an easy-to-carry shoulder strap and a convenient hose with suitable accessories.

Features Of Sprayers

The Farmoguard Knapsack sprayer comes with a 16 L capacity tank made of polypropylene. The working pressure of the prayer is 0.25 to 0.45 Pa. The overall weight of the sprayer is 2 kg. The tank has a wider mouth for easy filling and a filter to keep the debris from blocking the hose. There are three nozzles for the lance. The equipment is easy to assemble and has a manual included.

Assembling the Sprayer

  • First of all, attach one end of the provided hose to the tank’s sprayer outlet.
  • The other end of the hose is attached to the provided trigger which helps you to control the spray.
  • The trigger is connected to the lance on its other end. The lance gives you better control and is sufficiently long.
  • The nozzle is connected to the end of the lance. There are three nozzles provided and you may use any of these, depending on the purpose.
  • Fill the tank through the wider mouth, close the lid and put on the sprayer on your back.
  • It is now ready to use.


The shoulder straps are padded for maximum comfort and are easy to use by anyone. The sprayer machine handles are HDPE material so they can last longer. Moreover, you can easily adjust the pressure of the spray using the trigger, making it a versatile sprayer for different purposes in different fields. You will not need to buy another sprayer anytime soon. With proper use and maintenance, this manual sprayer can last for year.

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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