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28.11 Crores Approved To Relieve Mandous Cyclone – Affected AP FCV Tobacco Farmers

The interest-free loan will be given to each member of the Tobacco Board’s Growers’ Welfare Scheme (of the Southern region of Andhra Pradesh) as a relief against Cyclone Mandous – A decision by Shri. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry.

New Delhi

To provide immediate relief to over 28,112 FCV tobacco farmers affected by Cyclone Mandous in Andhra Pradesh, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal approved the grant of a special interest-free loan of 10,000 rupees to each member of the Tobacco Board’s Growers’ Welfare Scheme. This measure will benefit 28,112 farmers in the Southern Light Soil and Southern Black Soil regions of Andhra Pradesh by helping them to cope with the damage caused by cyclone Mandous.

FCV (Flue-cured Virginia) tobacco is the most exported tobacco variety among all raw tobacco and is grown in 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh, with an annual production of 121 million kg (2021-22) over an area of 66,000 ha. Of the total unmanufactured tobacco (excluding tobacco waste), FCV tobacco exports were 53.62 per cent by volume and 68.47 per cent by value during FY 2021-22.

Tobacco Board of India

The Tobacco Board was established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with it’s headquarters located at Guntur, AP. The objectives behind its establishments were to –

  1. Look after the welfare of Tobacco farmers
  2. Regulate its production and curing process
  3. Help farmers to sell tobacco through e-auction platforms
  4. Bring advances in its quality and improve yield
  5. Promoting its export

Tobacco Cultivation

Four types of tobacco are cultivated in India-

  1. FCV
  2. Bidi
  3. Ciger filler
  4. Hookah and chewing type

500-1000 mm of annual rainfall is required for tobacco cultivation and it cannot withstand excessive dry weather conditions. Andhra Pradesh ranks first in Tobacco production while Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka and Telangana also grow it.


The relief announced by the Tobacco Board is an excellent step towards saving the no. .1 status of AP in tobacco production. Not just this, it will also boost the strength of farmers and help them to cultivate tobacco without worries.


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