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Breaking the Cycle: Solutions to Combat Paddy Straw Burning in Agriculture

Welcome to the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare’s workshop on ‘Paddy Straw Management and Action Plans.’ This gathering brings together senior officers, stakeholders, agricultural experts, and over 300 farmers from various regions. With the aim of addressing the issue of paddy straw burning, this workshop seeks to explore innovative solutions and create a comprehensive action plan to benefit farmers and the environment.


The workshop commenced at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, with distinguished guests and experts sharing their insights and recommendations. The Chief Guest, Shri K.A.P. Sinha, emphasized the vital role of farmers in our daily lives and expressed his determination to eliminate the practice of paddy straw burning. Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, PAU Vice-Chancellor, highlighted the adverse effects of stubble burning on air and soil quality, calling for collaborative efforts among various stakeholders to address this menace. Smt. S. Rukmani, Joint Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, shared details of the Central Sector Scheme that supports crop residue management and stressed the importance of reducing air pollution through subsidizing machinery. Shri Arvind Nautiyal, underscores the importance of implementing effective strategies such as crop diversification and strategic village mapping to combat air pollution.

Important Points on the Event

  1. Shri K.A.P. Sinha suggests boosting baler capacity and expanding machinery deployment in regions with high instances of burning. Additionally, he proposes engaging cooperative societies to provide support to SC beneficiaries and replicating successful initiatives in this regard.
  2. Satbir Singh Gosal promotes conservation agriculture as a sustainable approach that repurposes paddy straw without any waste generation.
  3. Smt. S. Rukmani provided an overview of the Central Sector Scheme, which offers      financial support to farmers and cooperative societies for acquiring machinery and establishing Custom Hiring Centres (CHCs).
  4. Shri Arvind Nautiyal recommended measures such as crop diversification, the DSR method, and promoting basmati varieties for effective paddy straw management.
  5. Dr. Ajmer Singh Dhatt highlighted PAU’s efforts in tackling paddy straw burning with machines like Happy Seeder and Super Seeder, promoting cost-effective and eco-friendly methods for enhancing soil health and crop output.
  6. Dr. Gurvinder Singh discussed Punjab’s paddy straw management strategies and action plans for the upcoming season.
  7. Officers from various ministries emphasized initiatives such as SATAT for biomass utilization, setting up 2G ethanol plants, revised policies on biomass utilization for power generation, and financial assistance for establishing paddy straw-based pelletization and torrefaction plants.


The workshop on ‘Paddy Straw Management and Action Plans’ brought together experts, stakeholders, and farmers to address the pressing issue of paddy straw burning. With a focus on collaborative efforts, innovative technologies, and policy initiatives, the aim is to minimize environmental impact, enhance soil health, and reduce losses for farmers. By adopting sustainable practices, leveraging machinery, and exploring value-chain opportunities, we can ensure a brighter future for agriculture and the well-being of farmers. Let us join hands and work towards a greener and more prosperous farming ecosystem.

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