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Cotton Export Is Expected To Reach 40 Lakh Bales In 2022-23 While Jute And Mesta Production Is Rising

  • In the response to the question of cotton export in Lok Sabha, Smt. Darshana Jardosh, Union Minister of State for Textiles gave a written reply stating – Cotton export may go to 40 lakh Bales in 2022-23. There may be variations depending on the availability, global demand and price parity of cotton. In India, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana are the three states which together account for 65% of cotton production. 
  • Jute and Mesta which are paving their way through cotton exports are also found to rise. Below is the 5 years data related to Jute and Mesta production
Year 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Quantity (Lakh Bales) 72 68 60 90 95

(Source: Jute Advisory Board / Expert Committee on Jute)

To reach the expectations, Government of India implemented various strategies like

  • Continuation of Jute Packaging, Act of 1987. (Mandatory use of Jute in Packaging of Commodities)
  • For the improvement and boosting of the Jute Sector, implementing National Jute Development Program (NJDP)
  • Announcement of Minimum Support Price(MSP) for supporting raw jute-producing farmers. 
  • To prevent the farmer from fraudulent activities, Jute Corporation of India procures raw jute from them at MSP. 
  • The production capacity of jute mills has risen to 28 lakh bales from 26 lakh bales per year. This is due to the collection of foodgrains on a larger scale by the Government leading to the increase in demand for packing material. 

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