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First time in India, FSSAI sets Regulatory Standards for Basmati Rice

Identity standards for basmati rice have been specified by FSSAI to ensure Food and Safety Standards. These first-ever amendment regulations have been notified in Gazette India and will come to force from 1st August, 2O23.

The amendments aim at preventing the interest of customers and ensuring that the basmati rice has an original fragrance as per its variety. The types of basmati rice which come under this amendment are brown basmati rice, milled basmati rice, parboiled brown basmati rice, and milled parboiled basmati rice.

New Standards for Basmati Rice :

  1. Must have a natural fragrance characteristic of basmati rice
  2. Free of artificial colorants, polishing agents, and artificial fragrances
  3. Identity and quality parameters include the average size of grains and their elongation ratio after cooking, maximum values for moisture, amylose content, uric acid, defective/damaged grains, and adventitious presence of other non-basmati rice, etc.

 Heritage of Basmati rice :

Basmati Rice is a superior-quality rice variety grown in the foothills of the Himalayas on the Indian subcontinent exclusively known for its long grain size, fluffy texture, unique aroma, and flavor. It has got its uniqueness due to the agro-climatic conditions of the specific geographic areas where it is cultivated, and the method of harvesting and processing of the rice. It is a widely consumed rice variety both domestically and globally. India alone accounts for two-thirds of the world’s supply.

Basmati rice is grown in specific areas of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

Conclusion :  

The new amendment regulation will prove to be a significant step in increasing the status of Basmati Rice globally as well as internally. This will prevent the fraud used to degrade the value of basmati rice in the eyes of people.

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