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From Onam to Janmashtami: India’s Sugar Quota Rises for Festivals

As the vibrant festivities of Onam, Raksha Bandhan, and Krishna Janmashtami approach, a wave of celebration and anticipation sweeps across the nation. These joyous occasions not only bring families together but also spark a surge in demand for one of India’s most cherished ingredients – sugar. In a strategic move to ensure ample supply and stabilize prices during this festive season, we are thrilled to announce an additional allocation of 2 LMT (Lakh Metric Tonnes) of sugar for the month of August, 2023. This comes in addition to the already allocated 23.5 LMT for the same month, marking a proactive step to guarantee reasonable prices and an uninterrupted flow of sweetness all across the country.


As we navigate through the intricacies of the sugar market, it’s vital to recognize the dynamic factors that influence its pricing and availability. Despite witnessing a noteworthy 25% surge in international sugar prices over the past year, the average retail price of sugar within our borders remains steadfast at approximately ₹43.30 per kg. What’s more, this price range is projected to remain stable, thanks to meticulous planning and timely interventions. Over the last decade, our nation has maintained an impressively low annual inflation rate of under 2% for sugar prices, further highlighting our commitment to affordability and accessibility.

Key Points

  1. Festival-Driven Demand: The upcoming festivals of Onam, Raksha Bandhan, and Krishna Janmashtami herald not just moments of togetherness but also a surge in the demand for sugar. To ensure a seamless celebration experience for all, an extra 2 LMT of sugar is being allocated for August 2023, complementing the existing quota of 23.5 LMT.
  2. Steadfast Pricing: Despite international fluctuations, the average retail price of sugar within India remains remarkably consistent at ₹43.30 per kg. This steadfast pricing is a testament to the diligent efforts taken to balance supply and demand effectively.
  3. A Decade of Stability: Over the last ten years, our nation has proudly maintained an annual inflation rate of under 2% for sugar prices. This remarkable feat reflects our commitment to providing accessible and affordable sugar to all citizens.
  4. Sweet Production: In the ongoing Sugar Season 2022-23 (October to September), India is set to produce an estimated 330 LMT of sugar. Additionally, about 43 LMT will be diverted for ethanol production, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.
  5. Consumer Consumption: With a domestic consumption estimate of around 275 LMT, we are dedicated to ensuring that every Indian household can savor the joy of sweetness in their daily lives.
  6. Strategic Reserves: Our nation is well-prepared to meet domestic sugar demands, with ample stock to sustain us through the remaining months of the current Sugar Season 2022-23. This proactive approach will result in an optimal closing stock of 60 LMT by the end of September 2023.
  7. Price Dynamics: While recent fluctuations in sugar prices have caught attention, it’s important to note that these are part of an annual cycle. Prices typically rise during the months leading up to the next crushing season (July to September) before gradually normalizing. This pattern ensures that any price rise remains transient and negligible.


In essence, our dedication to ensuring an uninterrupted supply of sugar during the festive season is unwavering. By allocating an additional 2 LMT of sugar for August 2023 and maintaining consistent pricing practices, we aim to enhance your celebrations and alleviate any concerns about availability and affordability. As we step into this season of celebration, let us do so with the assurance that the sweetness of sugar will continue to grace our lives in abundance.

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