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Introducing ‘Bharat Dal’: Your Affordable and Nutritious Pulse Solution!

In a groundbreaking move to provide farmers and consumers with accessible and nutritious pulses, Union Minister Shri Piyush Goyal has launched ‘Bharat Dal’. Under this initiative, subsidised Chana Dal will be made available to the public at affordable rates, a major step by the Central Government to ensure food security and health for all. With the conversion of government-held chana stock into chana dal, the benefits will be passed on directly to you, the farmers and consumers.


It is a brand of subsidised Chana Dal, offered at the rate of Rs 60 per kg for one kg pack and Rs 55 per kg for 30 kg pack. ‘Bharat Dal’ undergoes meticulous milling and packaging processes, meticulously handled by the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED), guaranteeing top-notch production and seamless distribution.

You can find ‘Bharat Dal’ at the retail outlets of NAFED in Delhi-NCR, making it easily accessible for consumers in the region. This initiative doesn’t stop at Delhi-NCR; the chana dal is also distributed through outlets of NCCF, Kendriya Bhandar, and Safal, broadening its reach to serve people nationwide. State governments can procure ‘Bharat Dal’ for their welfare schemes, police, jails, and consumer cooperative outlets, further extending its benefits to various segments of society.

Key Points

  1. A Staple in India: Chana is one of the most abundantly produced pulses in India, enjoyed in various forms across the nation.
  2. Nutrient Powerhouse: Chana is rich in essential nutrients like fibre, iron, potassium, vitamin B, selenium, beta carotene, and choline.These nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being, making them vital for supporting our overall wellness.
  3. Combat Anaemia: With its iron content, Chana helps combat anaemia, ensuring a healthier blood profile for all age groups.
  4. Blood Sugar Control: Consuming Chana can contribute to better blood sugar regulation, making it an excellent choice for individuals with diabetes or those seeking to maintain stable blood sugar levels.
  5. Bone Health: The presence of potassium in Chana contributes to bone health, keeping your skeletal system strong and resilient.
  6. Mental Well-being: Chana’s nutritional composition, including vitamin B and choline, supports mental health and cognitive function, promoting a sharp and focused mind.

Chana in Various Forms

  • Delicious Snack: Roasted Chana is a popular and healthy snack option that is not only tasty but also packed with essential nutrients.
  • Culinary Delights: Chana dal can be used as an alternative to tur dal in curries and soups, adding a delightful nutty flavor to your dishes.
  • Namkeens and Sweets: Chana besan is a significant ingredient in namkeens and sweets, bringing that special touch to your favorite treats.


‘Bharat Dal’ is a game-changer for farmers and consumers alike, ensuring that everyone can access affordable and nutritious pulses. With its versatile uses and numerous health benefits, Chana is truly a pulse that stands out. Embrace the goodness of ‘Bharat Dal’ and make it an integral part of your kitchen and meals.

Remember, healthy pulses lead to a healthier and happier you. So, seize this opportunity to savor the flavor of ‘Bharat Dal’ while reaping its incredible nutritional rewards.

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