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Millets-Smart Nutritive Food Conclave Was Inaugurated By Union Minister Piyush Goyal In Delhi

An event titled “Millets-Smart Nutritive Food” was held in Delhi as a pre-launch event for “The International Year of Millets-2023” by APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) to promote millet exports.

The Minister of Trade and Industry of the Union, Piyush Goyal, was the chief guest at the meeting. At the first millet conclave, it was decided that the e-catalogue on 21 millet-producing states in India and 30 potential importing countries will be released by the Government of India. A Knowledge book on Millets prepared in acquaintance with the Yes Bank (Knowledge partner) was released. In this conclave, to promote the exports of millets, the government has managed the participation of farmers, exporters and traders in BSMs (Buyer Seller Meets) and 16 international traders. 

Minister addressed to use ‘NOURISH’ as a call to action for millet’s promotion, in which-

  1. N stands for New Market and destination. 
  2. O stands for the promotion of ‘Organic Methods’ for millet cultivation to enhance its value and global acceptance rate. 
  3. U stands for protection and tagging ‘Unique varieties’ with GI tag.
  4. R stands for ‘Research on Millets’, expansion of the millets market by making them tastier and fast growing. 
  5. I stands for increasing ‘Involvement of Industry’ in the development of products, markets and value chains. 
  6. S stands for ‘Standards and Sustainability’ to get superior quality millets and its products. 
  7. H stands for High productivity and Home markets. 

Global Support

An opening ceremony for the International Year of Millets -2023 was launched by the FAO of the United Nations, in Rome, Italy. 70 nations across the world took part in this launch and in the UN’s resolution. Millets were among the first cultivated crops in India as per the evidence found in the Indus valley civilization. That’s why PM Modi’s vision of Vasidaiva Kutumbakam and this IYM 2023 celebration if merged together will help to promote India’s Nutri-cereal Millets globally and will place it in the world ‘Food Map’.

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