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Rise In Rabi Cropping Area After The Government’s Support For Agriculture

The area under rabi crops has increased to 526.27 lakh hectares from 457.80 lakh hectares (which is 15% more than 2021-22 i.e. difference of 68.47 lakh hectares) according to the recent data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Among all these crops, the wheat crop tops the list. 

Crop and its area data of Increase

  • The wheat area has increased to 255.76 lakh ha from 203.92 lakh ha i.e. 51.85 lakhs is the net increase. 
  • The oilseeds cultivation area raised to 95.19 from 87.65lakh ha, which is 7.55lakh ha more than the year 2021-22. Among this 7.55 lakh ha, rapeseed and mustard together occupy 7.17 lakh hectares. (Due to the Special Mustard Mission for the last 2 years risen rapeseed and mustard by 17%  between 2019-20 and 2021-22). 
  • Pulses area surged to 127.07 lakh ha from 123.77 lakh ha (a difference of 3.30 lakh ha from the previous year). Gram has shown a greater increase which is 2.14 lakh ha out of 3.30 lakh ha. up
  • There is a remarkable growth of 4.34 lakh hectares area under cultivation of coarse cum Nutri-cereals. Recently it is 36.39 lakh ha in comparison to the previous year’s area of 32.05 lakh ha. 

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