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Supporting India’s Farmers: Government Efforts for a Thriving Agricultural Industry

The Indian government has established policies to support the prices of 22 agricultural crops through the Food Corporation of India and state agencies. These policies, including Minimum Support Prices (MSP) and Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) are decided by the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices and aim to increase farmers’ incomes through programs, schemes and reforms such as PM-KISAN, PMFBY, PMKSY and the use of drone technology in agriculture.

Breaking Barriers in Agriculture: Women’s Workshop on the MP Farm Gate App and AIF

A workshop was organized in Bhopal to promote the participation of women in agriculture through the Madhya Pradesh Farm Gate App and Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF). The event was attended by government officials, agricultural experts and entrepreneurs, who discussed the benefits of the AIF scheme and MP Farm Gate App.

Management of Rice Leaf Folder

The rice leaf folder disease is characterized by folded leaves that become white and dry. This is one of the common diseases seen in rice crops. Without effective management steps, it is not easy to tackle pests.

Management of Green Rice Leafhopper

Green rice leafhopper is scientifically known as Nephotettix virescens which causes discolouration of the leaves and also functions as a carrier for several viral diseases. They lay eggs on the leaves which feed on the foliage. These pests are harmful at all stages of its life.

Management of Brown Plant Hopper

  Brown plant hoppers are brown-coloured or yellowish-brown insects that cause the browning of the crops. They are harmful in all of their growth stages. They infest the plants and function as vectors for other viral diseases as well.  

Management of Stemborer In Rice

Yellow stem borer is one of the most common pests of paddy. The moth has two varieties, male and female that differ in size and the presence or absence of a black spot. The females are larger with a black spot which is absent in the smaller-sized male moths.

Management of Paddy Gundi Bug

The rice ear head bug is also known as the gundhi bug since it emits a bad odour. These bugs are greenish yellow in colour with slender bodies with a distinct bad odour. Both the nymphs and adults attack paddy and cause damage.  

Field Preparation for Tomato

There are over 2000 varieties of tomatoes that are being cultivated in India. India is the second largest tomato producer. In the year 2021, India alone produced about 20.33 million tons. Tomato is not a vegetable, it is a fruit and is further classified as a berry.

Advancing Agriculture in Kota: Krishi-Mahotsav: Pradarshani evam Prashikshan

The Krishi-Mahotsav: Pradarshani evam Prashikshan was a two-day event organized by the Indian Government in association with the Government of Rajasthan to promote advanced and sustainable agricultural practices in the Kota Division of Rajasthan.

Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture: The Impact of the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF)

The Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF) is a government program launched on 8th July, 2020 to create an infrastructure for post-harvest management and community farm assets with a budget of Rs 1 lakh crore to be spent by the financial year 2025-26.

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