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Government Schemes for Young Agriculturalists 

Our country is an Agricultural country. 70% of the population here is interested in agriculture only. Agricultural work improves the economic condition of the farmers. Keeping these things in mind, the central government is running many government schemes to encourage the farmers towards farming, which is helpful and beneficial for the farmers.

Unboxing Neptune Battery-operated Knapsack Garden Sprayer

The Neptune BS 13 battery-operated knapsack sprayer comes with a 16 L capacity tank made of polyethene plastic. It can stay longer with no corrosion from the solvents used inside.

Unboxing Neptune Knapsack Battery Operated Garden Sprayer BS 12: The most widely used sprayer

The Neptune Knapsack garden sprayer BS 12 is battery-operated for convenient spraying. It is a premium quality product, certified to be used for spraying pesticides in various fields of farming.

Tapas Battery Sprayer 20 L, with double motor | Unboxing

Tapas sprayer is a battery-operated equipment with a capacity of 20 litres. It is operated via a double-motor system. The motor works at 12V and contains 12 AH capacity.

Unboxing the most efficient and versatile sprayer: Farmoguard Knapsack Manual Sprayer

The Knapsack Manual SPrayer is a back sprayer used for pest control fertilization, general cleaning, etc. It is suitable for agriculture, plantations, home, garden, etc. It has an easy-to-carry shoulder strap and a convenient hose with suitable accessories.

Management of Aphids in Tomato

Aphids are one of the most common problems for tomato plants. They grow fast and form colonies on tender leaves. They also pose a threat by having the ability to transmit viruses. The main difficulty here is their resistance to many insecticides.

Management of Semi loopers in Crucifers

The semiloopers in cruciferous plants are identified as plump greenish larvae that damage the winter crops, mostly in northwest India. The young pests are more damaging to the crops. Here are some ways to control them.

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