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Management Of Stem Rot In Rice/Paddy

The stem rot disease of paddy is caused by Sclerotium oryzae which shows visible symptoms and affects the crop yield adversely.  

Stem Rot in Rice Symptoms

Small, black-coloured lesions are the initial symptom followed by enlarged spots along the inner leaf sheath. At the later stage, these infected areas start rotting and the mass of fungus will appear black. When the infection turns severe, it causes death to the affected plants and causes loss to the farmers.  

Preventive Measures 

  • The fungal spores of this disease could be carried with the stubble so burning the stubble is an effective way of control.  
  • Use only the required quantity of fertilizers.  
  • Deep plough the land and allow the land to dry thoroughly after the harvest.  
  • Using organic manure can also reduce disease severity.  

Some effective chemicals to control Stem rot in Rice

  • Bcontrol Fungicide is made of Validamycin 3% L which can act on the fungal hyphae by contact. The product is made from Streptomyces hygroscopicus which has natural fungicidal and antibiotic properties. The presence of thyme oil makes this safe for plants and is suitable for delicate plants as well. The recommended dosage of the product is 500 ml per acre or 2 – 3 ml per litre of water.  
  • Bavistin is made of Carbendazim 50% WP which is a systemic fungicide that can act on all parts of the plant. It is effective as a preventive and curative measure. Use 2 – 3 gm per litre of water. 
  • Avancer Glow is a dual-action fungicide that is made of Azoxystrobin 8.3% and Mancozeb 66.7% WG. Apart from controlling the pathogen, it can enhance the growth and development of the plant to ensure a green canopy and a higher yield. The required dosage is 600 gm per acre or 2 – 3 gm per litre of water.   
  • Avtar is a combination of systemic and contact fungicides made of Hexaconazole 4% and Zineb 68% WP. The product can control the disease and supply zinc for the plants which results in healthy leaves and enhanced growth. It is completely safe for the leaves and the fruits of the plants. It is eco-friendly and is safe for the environment and other mammals. Use 400 – 500 gm of the product per acre or 2-2.5 gm in one litre of water.  


The fungal spores of stem rot of paddy can last longer so it is essential to control its spread. It is crucial to practice preventive measures before sowing the next crops.  

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