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One Nation One Fertiliser Scheme

One Nation One Fertilizer is the latest scheme by the Central Government of India under the Ministry of Chemicals and fertilizers. The scheme aims to bring all the fertilizers available in the country under one brand name. The project allows the reduction of the product price through common marketing channels. The scheme will be under the PMBJB, a subsidy scheme for fertilizers.

Scheme Overview

  • Scheme Name: One Nation One Fertilizer Scheme 
  • Scheme Modified: 17.10.2022  
  • Scheme Fund Allocated: NA 
  • Type of Government Scheme: Central Government of India 
  • Sponsored / Sector Scheme: Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Urvarak Pariyojana (PMBJP) 
  • Website to apply: NA 
  • Helpline No.: NA

Features of One Nation One Fertilizer Scheme

The objective of the One Nation One Fertilizer is to unify the fertilizer brand name under BHARAT. From now onwards, all the fertilizer product bags will have their manufacturer’s name, logo, and other essential details displayed only in one-third portion. The remaining two-thirds will occupy the new brand name BHARAT and the emblem of the PMBJP (Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Urvarak Pariyojana). The further details are listed below.

AIM  To bring all fertilizers under one brand name, BHARAT 
THE CHANGES ON FERTILISER PACKS  All types of fertilizers, regardless of their brand names will now be called BHARAT Urea, BHARAT NPK, BHARAT Potash etc.  
SCHEME UNDER  Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers 
AFFECTED PARTIES  State Trading Entities (STEs), fertilizer Marketing Entities (FMEs), and various fertilizer brands will now have to change the product details.  

Benefits of One Nation One Fertilizer Yojana

  • The One Nation One Fertilizer will help increase farm production through increased availability of nutrients.  
  • The fertilizers will be available at more affordable rates. The farmers used to buy expensive fertilizers due to the reduced availability of affordable brands. The new scheme will negate such situations. 
  • Only some farmers are aware of the various brands of fertilizers. This scheme will market the products under one name so that farmers can quickly identify the product through the nutrient, not by the brand.  
  • This scheme will reduce the retailer’s unnecessary push for specific brands.  
  • All fertilizers of the same kind will now have the same quality per the rules.  
  • The scheme will also prompt the subsidy for large freight as the cost of cross-country movement will now be cheaper.  
  • The scheme applies to both public and private sectors of fertilizer manufacturing.
  • This will standardize fertilizer brands across the nation irrespective of the company that manufactures it. 

Drawbacks of the scheme

No schemes are without its opposing sides, and this One Nation One Fertilizer scheme is no different.

  • The main drawback of this project is that the fertilizer companies will no longer be able to promote their brands through various activities. The main focus of the fertilizer will be the brand promoted by the government.  
  • The scheme will also promote contract manufacturers and importers, so the fertilizer brands will need a significant reassessment and strategy to survive.  
  • Another main point is that the responsibility for low-quality fertilizer, which was on the manufacturers, could now fall on the government. Since the products will now be under the BHARAT brand, the onus would entirely be on the government and keep the manufacturers far away. This calls for further refinement in the scheme to avoid such situations and make the companies more accountable.

How will it be implemented?

The One Nation One Fertilizer scheme was already in the making for a few months. The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers of India had already started the implementation in August 2022. The background works are underway, and it will take a little time to have every brand of fertilizer under the common name BHARAT. There could be confusion everywhere now, but they will all vanish sooner than later. The One Nation One Fertilizer scheme will help break the monopoly of certain brands in the fertilizer market. These brands can no longer pull the strings and manipulate the product price. All of these will now be under government directives.


When the One Nation One Fertilizer scheme is implemented well and managed successfully, farmers can now have fertilizers for much cheaper rates. It will significantly impact their budget and overall profits in the end. You just need to wait and watch how it all turns out!

Note: The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial or legal advice. Pesticides are a considerable risk of loss in crops and viewers are advised to do their own research before making any decisions.

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