Turmeric Cultivation in Polyhouse – A brief Guide

Turmeric is a popular spice in Indian households; it’s a yellow powder with multi-benefits. Turmeric, also called Haldi, boosts immunity in the body, helps heal wounds, brings a natural glow to your face, and is used in Indian curry recipes.

15 Most Important Steps to Boost the Cabbage Production

Are you tired of following a million steps in cabbage cultivation? Don't worry, We have curated the 15 most important steps needed to follow for getting higher cabbage production. 

A Guide for Bottle Gourd Farming

Do you want to grow a high-yield bottle gourd? We are here to help you with the best techniques to follow at each step from choosing the right type of soil to the right way to harvest.

Diseases, Insect-pests Of Okra: Their Symptoms And Control Measures

Malvaceae is the family of the okra crop or Lady Finger crop. Okra is an annual crop grown for its green color and vibrant taste. It contains calcium, protein, vitamins, and other nutritious minerals.

Best fertilizers for soybean crop: organic, compost, NPK, when and how to apply

Soybean counts among the world's most essential pulse crops, plus it contains plenty of protein and fulfills oil needs. Soybean efficient production is a limitation related to abiotic and biotic factors and crop management operations. 

Major Insect-Pests Of Paddy Crop And Their Control Measures

Do you want to kick off the insect pests from the paddy crop? But don’t know how to prevent pests? Follow the guide to catch early damage symptoms and control measures to protect the effective yield of paddy crops.